Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Concertina Book By Lyndon White Coming to Kickstarter on Oct 20th 2020 & Looks Fabulously Creepy! Pre-Save Today!

Adapting Frankenstein into a concertina book. Telling the classic horror story in a series of full colour illustrations.

We all know about the legend of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, but here’s an opportunity to own a piece of that legendary horror tale as an artwork to observe or display to show your affection of Frankenstein!

In the Concertina Book, Lyndon White has brought the imagination of Mary Shelley to life with the art style & colors that suit the epic horror tale and lore.

Launching on the popular & secure crowdfunding website, Kickstarter on October 20th, 2020, the campaign will allow the supporters to pledge the donation and receive the book, and many other things as rewards for their support.

The campaign will only run for 30 days and thus, it is recommended to pre-save the campaign so that you get the notification when the campaign is launched.

Here is the pre-save project link- Pre-save link.

More exclusive details are given below:


Haunted by the loss of his mother, Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with death and creating life itself. After plundering crypts and mausoleums for materials to fashion a new being into existence, a failed experiment gives birth to a horrifying monster. 

Escaping Victor’s laboratory, the monster explores the world only to become subject of horrendous ridicule. Cursing Victor for this new found life, the abomination sets out to destroy its maker. 

Locked in a battle between man and monster, Victor is given an ultimatum. Create a bride for a monster and allow his creations to disappear into the world, or be followed by death for the rest of his days.

What is a Concertina Book?:

Also known as an accordion book, concertinas are made from a long sheet of paper that is then folded between two covers. They can either expand outwards and kept flat or be read like a normal book. Concertinas tell a story through a series of illustrations that work together to build a complete narrative.

The book serves a dual purpose. It can either sit on your bookshelf as a normal book, or be folded out and displayed as a piece of artwork.

About The Creator, Lyndon White & The Inspiration:

Illustrator, writer and comic-book artist Lyndon White has worked with clients including The Tower of London & Historic Palaces, Gatwick Airport and Lakes Comic Art Festival. He has worked as part of over 30 successful Kickstarters, and has successfully ran seven Kickstarters, six of which were featured as Kickstarter Staff Picks. A First-Class BA (Hons) Illustration for Graphic Novels graduate of Glyndŵr University, Lyndon occasionally teaches Sequential Arts at Salford University.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley was an English novelist, known most famously for her Gothic novel Frankenstein, or otherwise known The Modern Prometheus.

Following the death of his mother, Victor Frankenstein becomes obsessed with studying the chemical process of decay. After extensive research, he gains insight into the creation of life itself

Only refereed to as The Creature, Frankenstein’s monster was brought to life through a series of experiments.  After escaping his creators laboratory, he attempted to fit into human society, only to be shunned. Seeking revenge on his creator and a bride, who he may spend the rest of his days with.

PRE-SAVE TODAY! Book Kickstarter launches on Oct 20th, 2020!

Connect with Lyndon White:

Official Website

Twitter of Lyndon White

We had reviewed Lyndon White’s previously illustrated Graphic Novel called- “ReAnimator Incorporated- A Lovecraftian Graphic Novel” (Review Link)

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