Interview: Horror Filmmaker Nicholas Michael Jacobs Talks About His Killer Doll Horror Short Film Genevieve Wreaks Havoc (Oct 1st Release), Film Making, & Music!

In this exclusive interview, film maker, actor, editor, music composer & horror creator, Nicholas Michael Jacobs shares information about NMJ Films’ upcoming Killer Doll Horror Short Film called “Genevieve Wreaks Havoc“, a sequel to the July 2020 horror short, Genevieve, a spin-off based on Urban Fears (2019) Anthology.

This horror short is releasing on October 1st, 2020 on YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.

He talks not only about some cool facts about the film, behind the scenes, life as a film maker, his music making, his inspirations, tips for film makers, and also why his film is a must watch!

Official YouTube Premiere Link For the Short Film:

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Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Michael Jacobs:-

1. Thank you for being with us for this interview. We had already interviewed you many times, and I am sure the readers know you well, but still, how would you describe yourself as a filmmaker, and a music composer? What would you like to share with the readers about your work?

Well, I guess I would describe myself as being specifically an independent horror filmmaker and composer. Because horror is my favorite genre and I honestly don’t have much desire to work in any other genre at the moment. Horror is my passion and that’s where I plan on staying creatively for a while because I wouldn’t want to make something that I’m not passionate about.

2. The upcoming horror short, Genevieve Wreaks Havoc, seems to have both psychological horror, and gore for the horror fans. When you think about horror, what do you think is more important- the emotions of fear, or the visuals of creatures/blood, and what makes you passionate about horror? 

That’s a great question, I think everything like that is important when it comes to horror because they are all connected and they complement each other. For instance, you can use visuals of creatures and blood to create the emotion of fear, you know? But the main reason why I am passionate about horror is definitely that I grew up with the genre and never grew out of it.

3. Talking about horror, you have worked in the horror filmmaking industry for a few years now, so, do you think that making a horror film is more difficult work, compared to other genres of films like action or romance? Do you think that it takes more effort to be successful as a horror creator, and it’s riskier to invest in a horror film?

I honestly would say that there isn’t much difference when comparing genres in that way because I think hard work, passion, and drive will eventually pay off for you know matter what genre of film you want to get into. But the one thing that horror has that all of those other genres don’t have in my opinion is the fan base, horror has the greatest and most supportive fans in the world I think, especially when it comes to the indies.

4. What sparked the idea of making a sequel for the Genevieve (July 2020) short film, which was already a spin-off based on your popular Urban Fears Horror Anthology (2019)?

I knew after we made the first Genevieve short film that this could be a series and after we got such a good response from everyone after it came out, we knew we had to move forward with the idea that we had.

5. Genevieve doll seems very unique and pretty scary. What’s the history behind the doll? Do you remember any odd or strange things related to the doll that makes it creepy outside the short film too? 

You know, there is a fun fact about Genevieve, when I got the doll, it was made out of an old porcelain Seymour Mann doll. When I got it, on the box was handwritten in sharpie, Genevieve. And the person who made the doll told me that she received the doll that way. So we just assumed that the doll was named Genevieve, but then I was doing my research, trying to find a new body to use for a bloody variation of Genevieve which we are using for the next short. So after a lot of digging, I found the doll wearing the same dress and everything that my Genevieve was and it turns out that the original dolls’ name wasn’t even Genevieve, it was Elaine.

6. We noticed that you used music composer Myuu’s music in your Genevieve horror short, and also in Genevieve Wreaks Havoc. There are many fans of Myuu, and you also make some of the most soothingly creepy horror music. Would you like to collaborate with Myuu in the future if given a chance? Which other music composers do you really like, and get inspiration from?

I love Myuu’s work and after I first heard the track he made, I knew that was the one we had to use. But yeah, I’d be thrilled to work with him if I ever got the chance to, and a few composers that I get inspiration from would be John Carpenter, Bear McCreary, and Hans Zimmer, those are just a few that come to mind.

A Taste of Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ Music:-

Myuu’s Music From the Film:

7. This Coronavirus outbreak has been a pretty difficult time for the filmmakers but you utilized it very well by making Genevieve short films. What tips would you like to give to fellow filmmakers while shooting indoors, and especially during the current virus outbreak? 

The only real advice I can give is, try to keep your sets small, take all precautions needed, and stay safe.

8. As a filmmaker, which part of the process do you like the most, and which one you find annoying? What makes you like filmmaking as a profession?

I think the most annoying part for me has been having to change so many things in the script because of budgetary restraints, but my absolute favorite part of filmmaking is the whole editing process, which is the most fun for me. I love being a filmmaker because it’s always been my dream as a child and the fact that I achieved my dream in a way is so fulfilling.

9. Now that the horror short film, Genevieve Wreaks Havoc is releasing on October 1st, 2020, which future projects interest you the most? Should the fans expect more Genevieve short films or any other new projects? 

I’m not going to say too much right now but I have a lot of fun things I want to do in the future and yes, fans should expect more of Genevieve, she’s not done yet!

10. What would you like to tell your potential viewers about the upcoming Genevieve Wreaks Havoc Killer Doll Short Horror Film? What makes it unique, entertaining, and a must-watch? 

If you like killer dolls, slasher films, gore, and a synth score, this is the short for you. That’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to give anything away.

Thank you once again for your time and for answering all the questions despite your busy schedule. We, from Everything Horror Podcast, wish you all the best for your future, and hope that Genevieve Wreaks Havoc becomes successful!

Thank you and thanks for having me!

The Creator & the Team:

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the creator of the  Urban Fears (2019) horror anthology, and Tales from Six Feet Under (2020) feature film on Amazon Prime Video, has created the short film Genevieve, and now the Killer Doll story continues with Genevieve Wrecks Havoc.

Nicholas Michael Jacobs is playing the role of David Burr. Star Shawn C. Philips also re-joins the team as Ted Morris for this short film. Cinematography by Nicholas Michael Jacobs, & Alexis Beacher. The poster was made by Neil Fraser Graphics.

Official IMDb Page of Genevieve Wreaks Havoc Short Film

Where & When to Watch?

Film has been completed, and will be released on October 1st 2020 on NMJ Films YouTube as well as Amazon Prime Video, just like Genevieve Short Film.

Official Premiere Link:-

About Genevieve Killer Doll Horror Short Film:

Ted Morris is attending his son’s funeral while two criminals are breaking into his home, these criminals are trying to steal the notorious killer doll, Genevieve. Because they think the doll would be worth some money, but these people have no idea what they’re dealing with.

Watch the First Short Film here for FREE:

Watch on Amazon Prime Video!

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