CAULDRON Magazine Fall 2020: A Supernatural Comics Anthology Full of grind-house, horror, sci-fi & supernatural stories now on Kickstarter till October 19th!

The top indie grind-house/horror/sci-fi/supernatural comics magazine for mature readers returns!

CAULDRON Magazine Fall 2020: A Supernatural Comics Anthology is currently on the secure and popular crowd finding website- Kickstarter until Mon, October 19 2020 8:06 PM UTC +04:00. The rewards start from CA $2, and the digital edition of the magazine is for just CA $5, with more fantastic rewards available as you pledge more support for the magazine.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page now and support it before the campaign ends. Below you will find the official information from the creators!

Creators’ message:

TORONTO, On. Canada.  

Cauldron Magazine, the Joe Shuster Award Nominated Comics Anthology of Supernatural Tales is proud to announce the launch of their kickstarter campaign for the Fall 2020 issue. Featuring scintillating stand-alone stories with full color artwork in a luxurious 8″ x 10.5″ inch slick magazine format.

The latest issue features FULLY PAINTED COVER ART BY PAUL LIMGENCO (DYNAMITE COMICS VAMPIRELLA VARIANT COVER ARTIST). The project was funded in 8 hours, and five days into the campaign, has achieved 500% of their funding goal. This crowdfunding campaign has also gained the status of a Kickstarter “Project We Love”.

Cauldron Magazine is a creator-driven publishing co-op collective.

Official information & preview of the stories:


We have a vision of a creative playground that showcases art and storytelling in a larger page size than the average comic book. Using genres that give the creators as much freedom as possible to realize their unfiltered visions in self contained narratives.

Inspired by the quality and format of European Bande Dessinée, and comics magazines that dominated the newsstands of our youth, including Heavy Metal, Epic Illustrated, Savage Sword of Conan, Creepy, Eerie, and Vampirella, we are curating an artist-centric, full color magazine with the utmost care and craft.


SATANELLA VS. THE DWELLER IN THE CELLAR – Writer: Sam Noir    Artist: Casey Parsons

Who is Satanella, and why is the Dweller trying to STOP you from reading her twisted story? The answer is LITERALLY Heart-breaking. 

PROMISE TO THE REAPER – Writer/Artist: Daniel Wong.

Is there honor in death or shame in survival? In ancient Japan, one samurai battles over his choice, to find peace for himself and his infirm daughter, while trying to outrun the karma of his past. 

MUSEE MEKANIQUE – Writer: Sam Noir Artists: Jason Tocewicz and Shane Heron Colours: Jeffrey Myles 

A puppet maker returns from the great war traumatized and unable to connect with anything other than the puppets in the arcade of amusements. His lonely wife bargains with the Devil in the form of a glamorous burlesque dancer inside a kinetoscope machine.

Note: printed version will be uncensored.

CULTURE SHOCK – Writer: Casey Parsons  Artist: Jonathan Kociuba

A cosmic thriller in the tradition of Clive Barker and Ridley Scott. A colony scout ship heads towards Saturn’s Moon, Titan. On a mission of peace, the crew is unprepared for the unimaginable horrors that await. Can they survive the onslaught of merciless creatures in the ultimate “Culture Shock”?

EXODUS – Writer/Artist: Te’Shawn Dwyer

Welcome to the village of the wind, home to a clan of cursed people, known as the Yoruba. During the festival of Light, an annual celebration for Yoru clan, a masked assassin slips into the unsuspecting village under the cover of the night. Illuminated by a blood moon and racing against time, this masked assassin is on a mission to slaughter the entire clan before running out of time. Every second that passes, the blood moon glows brighter while he nears the end of his rope. What exactly is this assassin’s motivation, and why is he so hell-bent on eradicating this clan? 


Other contributors include a prose story by Oliver Ho, and artwork by Andrew Dorland, Brice Hall, and Shane Heron.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter Page & Support today! The campaign ends on Mon, October 19 2020 8:06 PM UTC +04:00

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