Book Review: We Bleed Orange & Black: 31 Fun-sized Tales for Halloween

Notes from the author himself. And you can learn more about Jeff C. Carter by visiting


We Bleed Orange & Black presents 31 fun-sized tales of Halloween from author Jeff C. Carter.

A twisted faerie finds a lost child, a teenage werewolf sneaks out during a full moon, and a legion of monsters begins the downfall of man. Explore Halloween from Appalachia to the Arctic Circle and journey from the Old West to Mars.

This spooktacular goody bag harvests all the joys and terrors of the best night of the year. If you love air crisp as cider and scented with burning leaves, if you greet the darkness with a jack o’lantern grin, and if you yearn for the veil between worlds to grow thin, then you bleed orange & black.

This book is aimed at adults, although there is also a special index that lists some family friendly stories.

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Publication Date: October 6, 2020

Kindle and Paperback

182 pages

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Halloween is a treat for some, not all who praise October will act out the same attitude toward it. As author Jeff C. Carter shares his fond memories of his childhood even to this day of the fall air, leaves and the magical colors that autumn has to offer before disappearing into the winter months that succumbs the magic away for another year.

Like myself, I was born October 13th. I do have a Halloween Tattoo Sleeve dedicated to cartoon looking and some great looking artwork which helps represents my “kid” and “adult” side of the seasonal Holiday. Nothing can beat the childhood memories of Halloween, because as life goes on… Things change. No more Trick or Treating in the way you used to, those neighbors with all the candy aren’t around anymore. Things aren’t are popular or creative anymore. Learning about how to still appreciate Holidays is the best way of making your future history of memories happen. And I feel that’s what Jeff Carter, set out to do. And with that being said…

We Bleed Orange and Black: 31 Fun-sized Tales for Halloween is a perfect recipe of acknowledging the old with growing memories. It’s the veil between young and older. It’s a way of appreciating the love of a tradional holiday and how much one goes to keep on loving a specific holiday. If people can appreciate Christmas every year as they grow up from children to adults. It’s the “true meaning” of the holiday as most would say, so why can’t Samhain or “Halloween” fall into the same type of category of love as well.

“We Bleed Orange and Black, the next “Goosebumps” of the future.”

Because we have a nice little grid from Jeff at the beginning telling us what is kid-friendly from all the tales presented in the book. While the rest may be suitable for people who devour the hard R RATED horror flick films.

Go into this book like you’re going into a movie blind, make an adventure of these fun tales into the nostalgic memories of what you once cherished or still cherish this day in time. There’s plenty of fun, emotional and scary treats all in this bag of treats. It’s not just one particular kind of treat. There’s many to choose from. And if you enjoyed what we had back in the day on TV for children memories to what we currently have today, enjoy those memories within the book itself. Because sometimes, not everyone appreciates the littlest things. And we all try to destroy things and change things for everyone else around that can cause harm and possibly remove it from existence, and what I mean is how often do you see people decorate their entire house for the holiday? If you said “used to”, then you know that the holidays are dying. And we need to regain back control of the roots of bringing back the magic of the Holiday of why we celebrated Halloween in the first place among all the bad things known surrounding Halloween.

Who Is Jeff Carter?

Author Bio

In addition to being a lifelong Halloween fanatic, my stories have been featured in dozens of anthologies, translated for international markets and adapted for podcasts including the Reedsy story prompt contest (winner), Transmissions from Punktown, Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, A Mythos Grimmly, ‘eFiction’ and ‘Nightland’ magazine and the ‘Tales to Terrify’ podcast, among others. 

My previous collection, Between the Teeth, hit #4 in sci-fi and #11 in horror short stories on the Kindle lists.


My website is / Facebook & Twitter: @carterwroteit                 

Amazon Author Page & Good Reads: Jeff C. Carter / Instagram: @Jeffc.carter

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  1. Awesome review, Paul. This seems like a great Halloween read. I like how the author tells us which story is child friendly and which is not. Helps the parents to know which story can be shared with kids. More authors need to do this, but yes, keeping R rated books separate from children’s books is also a good option.

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