Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales for a HalloweeNight Vol. 3

From John Carpenter, the man who brought you the cult classic horror film Halloween and all of the scares beyond comes even more twisted tales of terror, tricks, and treats. In volume 3 of the award-winning graphic novel series, Carpenter brings together another stellar ensemble of storytellers from the worlds of movies, novels and comics for another spine-tingling collection of stories that will haunt your dreams at night.

Creators Include:
John Carpenter, Sandy King, Steve Niles, James Ninness, Joe Harris, David J Schow, Louise Simonson, Duane Swierczynski, Jon Bogdanove, Tim Bradstreet, Richard P. Clark, Guy Dorian Sr., Federico Deluca, Darick Robertson, Joel Séguin, Jim Daly, Jan Duursema, David Kennedy, Amanda Deibert, Kaelan Patrick Burke, Mike Sizemore, Cat Staggs, Jaime Carrillo, Trevor Denham

Halloween is always fascinating for stories, however when it comes to the Horror aspect. It’s like a way to sit around a campfire and tell those spooky tales, monsters in the woods, missing people, murderers on the loose… It’s always a real fright when it can be based on true events, then again some tales aren’t meant to always be that “scary”.

We seem to always have hosts, and now hosts of franchises and series are starting to make a turn to possibly be overrated. But in this case, the groundscreeper is a crazy type of character that isn’t flashing anything around to keep the “attention”. However it always seems to have the same pictures of the groundscreeper, never changes when it comes to what is being read within the atmosphere of introducing the next tale. Volume 3 changed that, each tale sees the Groundscreeper actually doing something, it’s nice to finally see a more creative take this time around. Even if it’s the Groundscreeper hammering a nail into a gravestone as it bleeds.

This time around, you can find stories relating to religious take of saving lives, a returning guest when not invited, trick or treating, hauntings and more. It’s a nice way to bring new things for the spooky season, and always good to see new adaptions with creators. Some Volumes have the same people, which is cool and all, but offering new creators a chance to have their work shine is the key to making a more creative future of bringing in terror tales to life, or should I say “to light”. Either way each Volume contains new stories that will satisfy your hunger, but some Volumes I feel like the way of representing the Halloween Season. After all, aren’t we looking for the festive feel?

Overall, Volume 3 has a nice touch to the groundscreeper to finally see him doing things rather than the same page over and over again like in the first two Volumes. Felt lazy and well, easy to copy and paste the page, but change up the text to introduce the tales. Hopefully as time goes on, even though we have covered the next three volumes (Volumes 4-6) hopefully we start to see more stories that focus on what Halloween is really about, don’t get me wrong these tales are great and all that are included. But, it’d be nice to really dive into a “Tales for a HalloweeNight” Volume that was ALL Halloween based stories, NOT just stories that serve a purpose of a “one shot” feel.


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