Interview: J.D. Oliva | Hawk Hallow: A Halloween Horror Story


This Episode to Dedicated in the Memory of Matt Jordan.


Released January 2018, J.D. Oliva returns to talk about his Halloween Story.

Cody Burk’s family was looking for a fresh start after the death of his father. To simplify things, the family sold the Haunted Hallow, the town’s famous commercial haunted house to a new-comer called Roscoe Slater and his family. Unfortunately, things didn’t get better.

Connor Burk and his group of friends have bullied Cody for the last time. Cody and his friends have built the perfect plan to embarrass his brother in front of the entire town of Hawk Hallow on Halloween. When their plan goes awry, Cody retreats to the one place he knows better than anyone, the Haunted Hallow. But he didn’t count on the new owners being a brood of real monsters.

Can Cody and his friends survive the Slater’s murderous modifications to the haunted house or will they fall to the demonic clan?

If you like Stranger Things, you’ll love this terrifying Halloween tale!

Matt Jordan’s Completed Pages for Hawk Hallow Comic.
Images Courtesy from J.D. Oliva


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J.D. Oliva



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