SYNOPSIS: When Greg hikes up Glastonbury Mountain to clear his head, he doesn’t realize he’ll be prey.

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11146826/?ref_=nm_flmg_prd_6


Greg – Charlie Cummings
Lady – Tessa Baker
Baby – Amara Dulski/Baker
John – Paul Dulski
Eric – Jeremy Pratico


Written by: Tristin Notte
Co-written, Directed & Edited by: Paul Dulski

Produced by: Paul Dulski, Tessa Baker,

Original Music: Karl Casey (White Bat Audio)

Special Effects: Tessa Baker, Katie Kenworthy

Presented by: Everything Horror Podcast, Haunted Vermont, October Spirits Production

Assistant Cameramen: Charlie Cummings, Jeremy Pratico
Drone Footage Courtesy: Jason Lorefice

Special Thanks: Bad


Monster is based from “The Vermont Monster Guide” by Joseph Citro
The Bennington Triangle is similar to The Bridgewater Triangle
Paula Welden’s Missing Case STILL Open Today (Dec 1, 1946)
Tessa’s story based on Paul Jepson who disappeared Oct 12, 1950 (8 yrs old)


Glastonbury Mountains, Bennington, VT
Private Camp, Beartown, VT

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