Haunted Vermont: S1: Ep 1 – The Haunting of Wilson Castle


For Halloween this year, we will be releasing our old Haunted Vermont Podcast Episodes right to you. Season One included SIX Episodes as we talked and read about places around Vermont that are considered to be other worldly. Enjoy.



Welcome to the Premiere of HAUNTED VERMONT PODCAST, on this debut Episode we learn the History behind the 19th Century Castle. Which is the ONLY REAL one ever built in the heart of the Green Mountains. A place that is still available for weddings, but within these walls. Could one of the Wilson family members still be lingering around?

In this Episode I talked with the owner of the castle, Denise and volunteers Andy and Sheila.

Also appearing is Steve from South Glens Falls Paranormal Society, and John Dean known for his Terrorealm haunted attractions.

ABOUT THE CASTLE: The Castle has been the home of five generations of the Wilson family. It’s design is a blend of European styles. Part of the estate is presently in the Wilson Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, to preserve its longevity.

The facade of the Castle is set with English brick and marble, and is dominated by nineteen open proscenium arches and shadowed by a towering turret, parapet, and balcony.

The residence of the 115 acre estate has three floors spaciously divided into 32 rooms. The interior features are highlighted with 84 stained-glass windows and 13 fireplaces finished with imported tiles and bronze. The Castle’s furnishings include Far Eastern and European antiques and museum pieces, complemented by statuary, Chinese scrolls, and Oriental rugs. The various rooms with their distinctive features provide an elegant and richly gracious interior – perfect for the wedding of your dreams.

On the grounds are cattle barns, stables, the carriage house, and the glass house and plenty of space in the scenic Vermont countryside.

Source: http://wilsoncastle.com



00:00 – Introduction

00:50 – Wilson Castle Volunteers and Owner. (Andy, Sheila and Denise)

47:54 – South Glens Falls Paranormal Society. (Steve Brodt)

01:49:31 – Haunted Attraction Owner. (John Dean)

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