Spoiler Free Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue 5 of 8 (Publishing on Oct 28th by Storm King Comics)

Without spoiling, we review, Sci-Fi Horror Comic- John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue Five of Eight, releasing on October 28th, 2020, at the official Storm King Productions website, and your nearest comic stores.


More than twenty years have passed since the Benson Station disaster as an unauthorized rescue mission brings the survivors together again. Now some 5,500 light years from home a familiar evil is rising with a score to settle.

Something is killing its way through the Barringer Habitat and Jake Dixon is the prime suspect. Now on the run with old ship mate, Anna Cheron, he’s fallen in with a gang that operate outside the law. As something alien once more unfurls it’s tendrils towards humanity Dixon is offered a new mission perhaps even more deadly than the last.

Official Trailer of VORTEX 2.0 :-

Official Trailer of the Vortex 1 Paperback for reference:

Team Behind the Book:

Series created by JOHN CARPENTER and SANDY KING
Based on a story by JOHN CARPENTER & SANDY KING
Pencils & Inks by DAVE KENNEDY
Lettering by JANICE CHIANG
Edited by SANDY KING
Title Treatment by JOHN GALATI
Managing Editor: Sean Sobczak
Graphic Designer: Sean Sobczak
Office Coordinator: Antwan Johnson
Publicity: Sphinx PR – Elysabeth Fulda

Spoiler-Free Review:

John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue 5 of 8 is a fully colored 32 paged sci-fi horror comic set in a distant future in which humans have colonized other planets, and are also going on missions to get more resources for the never ending need of the human race. One such mission at a space mine was a disaster as the entire crew had lost contact with Earth, and thus, another crew was sent to find what happened there. That revealed some dark secrets of alien life, but at the cost of the rescue team being killed and those left alive were traumatized or deemed out of service. That is what happened in the Vortex 1.0 series (and paperback).   

 What wasn’t revealed in the first series is that a symbiotic substance that invades the human body cures the diseases along with other health problems. In Vortex 2.0, it’s been years since the rescue mission and space mine disaster, thus, humans forgot the dangers of the symbiotic substance and are only focused on using the alien leech like being to experiment and hopefully create a wonder cure that makes humans close to immortality.    

Our main lead, Jake Dixon along with his former crew mate joined a bunch of alien enthusiasts and are revisiting the space mine to find any clues about the real intention of the alien symbiotic substance and what exactly happened in the space mines before they lost contact with Earth authorities. Issue 5 focuses on the start of the exploration of the space mine, and thus, it is the scariest of the issues yet.      

As the comic’s cover reveals, the protagonists see many dead bodies in a disturbing human net form, and soon they discover that it all feels like the entire team has been a part of a big alien ritual, and what scares them is that the bodies still move…      

The Earth government also trying to reach the space mine to stop the protagonists makes the readers wonder about whether they’re doing it to protect them, hide a dark secret from being revealed, or simply to arrest Dixon. The readers also see a glimpse of the horrifying human experiments at a health facility as the alien substance not only makes the medical scientists curious but also makes them forget that it’s harming the human race.      

The visuals, illustrations, and characters are realistic and professionally made. The dialogues are short, interesting and help to narrate the entire story with minimal reading. This issue is the most satisfying horror issue yet as there’s psychological horror, as well as action horror. It also makes the readers wonder about medical science, and human desire to create a magical cure for all diseases at any cost. The story itself is paced well, and makes you keep reading till the end. There are bonus pages with a few pages from the next issue as well which makes you eager for the next issue.

    Overall, filled with an intriguing futuristic story, relatable characters, and disturbingly scary visuals, John Carpenter Presents Storm King Comic’s Tales of Science Fiction Vortex 2.0 Issue 5 of 8, is one of the best sci-fi horror comic book to read which entertains, & scares you while making you interested in its unique story that stays in your mind, and makes you think about a lot of things. One of the best reads this Halloween season.

Buy the Vortex 2.0 Issues from here:

Storm King Website Vortex 2.0 Store

(Issue 5 will be released on October 28th, 2020 & appear on the website as well in stores from that day!)

Buy the Trade Paperback of Vortex 1 & their issues here:

StormKingProductionsStore.com (Vortex 1 section)

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