Haunted Vermont: S1: Ep 2 – The Curse of Black Agnes


For Halloween this year, we will be releasing our old Haunted Vermont Podcast Episodes right to you. Season One included SIX Episodes as we talked and read about places around Vermont that are considered to be other worldly. Enjoy.


A copper statue located at Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier, Vermont is that of a male figure, sitting with closed eyes looking upwards, his head covered with a shawl. Like many similar legends, “Black Agnes” supposedly is cursed with the power to some pretty vile things to those who may be tempted to sit on his lap. The list of not so wonderful circumstances include a certain death within seven days and a range of just plain, bad luck.

One thing remains a fact. The statue is bestowed with the title “Thanatos” (Greek for the word “death”). John Erastus Hubbard (1847 – 1899) was a Montpelier businessman with enough wealth to have the statue created and watching over his final resting place.

John Hubbard was a business man in the Montpelier area in the 1800’s. It was said that he contested and inherited a sizable amount of money from a wealthy aunt, (who had originally left the city of Montpelier a virtual fortune). He set about the task of building a public library for Montpelier, but at about 1/3 of the cost his deceased aunt had intended. Needless to say people in the area considered him greedy and mean spirited.

Some of the reported odd occurrences surrounding “Black Agnes” included glowing red eyes at night, blood curdling screams and other creepy noises. Some people believe that the statue was haunted due to the misdeeds and demeanor of Hubbard, while he was still alive. Stories were told about a number of people who dared to sit in the lap of Black Agnes only to be found dead later.

Source: https://vermonter.com/ghosts-and-legends-black-agnes/

Joe Citro audio used from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIIwqTp06cU

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