Haunted Vermont: S1: Ep 5 – The Caverly Preventorium


For Halloween this year, we will be releasing our old Haunted Vermont Podcast Episodes right to you. Season One included SIX Episodes as we talked and read about places around Vermont that are considered to be other worldly. Enjoy.
Pittsford Haunted House, was once known as The Caverly Preventorium or “The Vermont Sanitorium”. Housing 100 patients that contracted the dreaded disease at the time with no cure, tuberculous. It held dark experiments from doctors, and lost fundings eventually leading to it’s closure in 1967. It became part of what is now known as the Vermont Police Academy and then went to the Vermont Fire Department, where even today it is opened to the public during October for their annual Pittsford Haunted House.

Back in the fall of 2013, film makers Owen Mulligan and Jay Vos contacted Paul Dulski who runs Haunted Vermont to help find a location to shoot there last and final tale of there film that was released on October 27th 2014, known as DEAD STATIC. The tale takes on the true facts of witnesses claiming to see a small female child staring out on the second floor window. However since it’s a horror film, not everything is true.

Watch Dead Static on YouTube

Information courtesy from Rutland Reader


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