Horror Book Review: J. D. Oliva’s “Nightcrawler” Novel About Serial Killer Who Possesses Others to Wreak Havoc!

Without spoiling, we review the 258 paged horror novel with Halloween theme, called “Hawk hallow” which is written by J. D. Oliva. Released on November 26, 2019 on Amazon, Rakuten Kobo as well as book stores.


Ethan Jericho’s greatest failure has slithered its way home!

Every assassin has a job left unfulfilled—a bad mark.

Ethan Jericho has The Nightcrawler.

Five years ago, Jericho had a chance to stop this unearthly serial killer—one who possesses people’s minds and turns them into murders. Jericho failed, and the creature disappeared.

Now The Nightcrawler is back and has its horrific sights set on Chris Shane, the survivor of Harvest Moon. When Chris hires Jericho to protect him, Jericho confronts his two greatest failures, determined to settle both debts.

But when the Nightcrawler possesses Jericho, the two become an unholy killing machine. Can Chris stop the world’s most dangerous executioner before he kills again?

Discover the third chapter in The Books of Jericho, the series called “John Wick works the X- Files” today!

Spoiler-Free Review:

  A serial killer called the Nightcrawler kills people by using other people. The murderers feel that someone else was in control when the act happened. Most of the victims were near a bar or nightclub. It has been a center point of many stories as each murder has the same pattern. Ethan Jericho, a contract killer, who avenges dead people or kills the criminals who are uncatchable but for a price, gets a call from an inmate called Anne Carsten who had been inside the prison because she killed her husband but she tells Jericho that she wasn’t the one who killed her husband as she could see it happening before her. That makes Jericho skeptical but after meeting her daughter, Alyse, and seeing her notes about the Nightcrawler, he decides to take the job that leads them going undercover in bars to lure and capture the Nightcrawler.   

Things go out of hand, and eventually Jamie, Alyse’s younger sister had to be involved when Chris Shane, the son of J. D. Oliva’s Harvest Moon novel’s protagonist gets framed for a murder in the same way. The FBI, St. Louis Police Department get involved, and Chris is forced to be on the run. Chris decides to contact Jericho to help him (actually hire him) find the real killer. Then Jericho, Chris and Jamie unite to discover the truth behind the murders while trying to find a way to prove Chris’ innocence. Many twists and turns lead to an exciting climax that keeps the readers on the edge till the very last page of the novel yet leaves a great satisfaction once finished. With Jericho’s possession section near the end being one of the best action thrillers you’ll ever read.  

 The characters are all interesting, and even those that get a brief spotlight. There’s a nice cameo of an important character from the Harvest Moon novel and I wish we could more involvement from her but this novel’s co-star is definitely Jamie, besides Jericho who’s like “John Wick” as J. D. Oliva describes. We get to see the important character in the second exciting book from the Jericho series called “The Devil’s Prayer” Chris Shane also shines here and gets some exciting sense of direction near the end. FBI Agent Nashida is an awesome character who tries to think out of the box yet follow the rules. Antagonists, not so important characters, protagonists, and even monsters are given a fair treatment by the novelist, J.D. Oliva. There’s a good deal of diversity in the characters, whether it is age, gender, race, or in personalities. I like how we get to know important thoughts of the characters yet are never overwhelmed by too many details. There are many references to the real life brands, places from Illinois, even reference to “This is Fine” meme, an Easter Egg reference to the Hawk Hallow Novel by J. D. Oliva, and all of this adds humor, authentic feel, and makes reading very enjoyable.

Now, J. D. Oliva’s Nightcrawler is a thriller action novel with supernatural & murder mystery theme set after J.D. Oliva’s Harvest Moon Werewolf Horror Novel. While reading Harvest Moon & “The Books of Jericho” Series is helpful in knowing more about the origins of the main characters, you can also read Nightcrawler as a standalone but will surely make you want to read Harvest Moon & The Books of Jericho too because the characters make you care about them, and the world created by J. D. Oliva is interesting and believable. The writing style is easy to understand yet has finesse, and professionalism to it. Novelist, J. D. Oliva’s signature style of writing describes the thoughts, not only of the characters, and the novelist but also seem to match (or accurately predict) the reader’s thoughts. 

 Overall, filled with fast paced crime investigation action, horror of a serial killer, involvement of many intriguing characters makes J. D. Oliva’s Nightcrawler Novel as one of the best reads for any horror, thriller and crime fans. Highly recommended as it gives you the entertainment & thrills from the start to the end. 

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