Horror Book Review: We Bleed Red & Green By Jeff C. Carter – One of the Best Horror Story Books to Read for the Holidays Season!

 In the same way “We Bleed Orange & Black” was a Halloween themed horror story book, Jeff C. Carter’s “We Bleed Red & Green” is a 65 paged horror book with Holidays/ Christmas / Winter themed stories compiled together for mature readers publishing on November 24th, 2020.  Without spoiling, we tell you why you need this book in your collection for every holidays season.

Notes from the author himself. And you can learn more about Jeff C. Carter by visiting https://jeffccarter.com/

We Bleed Red & Green – 12 Chilling Tales for Christmas is a stocking stuffed with holiday horror.


We Bleed Red & Green presents 12 chilling tales for the holidays from author Jeff C. Carter.

Santa gets tough on the Naughty List, a shut-in becomes addicted to a mysterious snow globe, and a poor inventor must forge his escape from a deadly curse. See how the Christmas spirit haunts playgrounds, dive bars, desperate thieves and jungle explorers.

If you have ever asked Santa for stories as black as coal that hook you like a candy cane, then you bleed red & green.

Spoiler-Free Review:

This horror book is a collection of a variety of horror stories with lots of scary themes that leave you with uneasiness, shock and the exact effect a horror book should have.    

Many people feel sad during the month of November as Halloween is over and they wanted to experience more horror themed events, and listen to horror stories. The author’s note /forward describes that Christmas also has its share of horror stories which he shares with us in this horror book.     The book has a variety of horror stories with various interesting characters and topics. There are references to hatred of noise, life, afterlife, human eating monsters, dangerous spiders, ghosts, and even Hellhounds. The protagonists of all stories are interesting, and the stories don’t provide unnecessary details about any particular character which keep them interesting from the start to end. Some stories describe Santa Claus, his work, recruitment, and there’s even a story about his workshop with hints that will alarm anyone who cares about the workforce welfare & “crunch”. Some poems & letters are also included, like one poem included which starts off as a heroic tale but ends with a scary twist. There is some good humor too, but only in a few suitable circumstances so that the horror and dark theme of the stories is never gone.      

The Majority of the stories have some shocking ending that leaves you feeling the dread which any horror literature should provide. While there are some positive stories, most of them have a bit unsettling, or terrifying endings, which is why the book is for a mature audience besides the detailed description of some deaths. The stories explore the mature themes of greed, illness, deaths, life, afterlife, effect of poverty during the holidays season, stress, anxiety, and struggles of life as well. It’s a book with stories that are trying to tell you something more, besides scaring you with unexpected twists and revelations. Observant and mature audience would find the hidden meanings, philosophy, and messages from the horror tales which leads to an enjoyable reading experience making the book worth reading again and again.     

In conclusion, Jeff C. Carter’s We Bleed Red & Green, is one of the best mature horror story books which entertains, amazes and shocks you with the variety of interesting characters, and unsettling stories. If you love horror stuff, and feel nostalgic about Halloween already, this will make your Christmas & holidays season as spooky and fun as Halloween. Highly recommended for all horror fans! 

Release Details

Available for Pre-Order Now

Publication Date: November 24, 2020

Kindle: $0.99

Paperback: $4

Kindle Unlimited: Free

65 pages

The Amazon link is: https://bit.ly/Horrordays

Connect with Jeff C. Carter:-

Author Bio

Jeff C. Carter’s stories have been featured in dozens of anthologies, translated for international markets and adapted for podcasts. His love of Halloween (and Christmas!), adventure and science continue to inspire his horror, action and science fiction writing. He lives in Los Angeles with a cat, a dog, and a human.


My website is JeffCCarter.com / Facebook & Twitter: @carterwroteit                 

Amazon Author Page & Good Reads: Jeff C. Carter / Instagram: @Jeffc.carter

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