Horror Film Review: The Mark of the Bell Witch is an Entertaining, Informative & Scary Horror Documentary Movie About Real Events!

The Mark of the Bell Witch Haunts the Holidays
New Docudrama Comes 200 Years After the Death of John Bell in Tennessee Dramatized Retelling of the Bell Witch’s Reign of Terror Lands December 15 on Digital HD
Without spoiling, we review “The Mark of the Bell Witch” Horror Documentary Movie released on Dec 15th 2020 on DVD, Blu-ray & digital platforms!

Official Information by the film creators:-

Small Town Monsters has announced the Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD release of their latest investigative docudrama, The Mark of the Bell Witch. Noted urban legend documentarian Seth Breedlove (The Mothman Legacy) describes the film as a dramatized retelling of the entire sordid tale of the merciless spirit who tormented the Bell family from 1817 to 1821 in Adams, Tennessee. The Mark of the Bell Witch arrives just ahead of the 200th anniversary of John Bell’s death, whose mysterious passing in December 1820 cemented the legend of the Bell Witch in American folklore. The Mark of the Bell Witch will be available to rent or own on Amazon Instant Video, Vimeo OnDemand, DVD and VIDI Space starting December 15thBlu-ray and DVD copies will be available exclusively from the STM Shop.
The Mark of the Bell Witch is the first attempted documentary of the famed piece of Appalachian folklore. The story of the Bell family who encountered mysterious sounds in their home, eventually becoming a full-blown apparition who terrorized them for almost five years, is still taught in Tennessee schools today. Considered to be one of the only known cases of murder committed by a “ghost” in American history, the story of John Bell’s poisoning at the hands of the witch has been the subject of numerous television shows, books, songs, and even a horror film.
However, previous filmed interpretations of the events left out large portions of the legend, or simply adapted the events to their needs. In the hands of Small Town Monsters, there will be a historically minded approach to the telling of the case, as well as a dive into how the haunting has affected the local culture of Adams, Tennessee.
The Mark of the Bell Witch is directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Adrienne Breedlove. Narration is covered by genre actress Lauren Ashley Carter (Darlin’, Pod), with Zac Palmisano in the role of director of photography. Santino Vitale and SRV Films supplied VFX and Brandon Dalo (The Mothman Legacy) provided an original score. Amy Davies and Thomas Koosed headline the film in the lead roles of Elizabeth Bell and John Bell Sr, accompanied by Aaron Gascon, Sue Matzke, Grayden Nance and Mark Matzke. Adrienne Breedlove appears as the Bell Witch.


The Mark of the Bell Witch tells the terrifying, true story of the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. A family who, for nearly five years, were haunted by an apparition bent on destroying their lives, and murdering the patriarch of the family, John Bell. Beginning in 1817 as a disembodied voice before eventually manifesting into numerous entities and showing her power through horrifying encounters, the Bell Witch has since become a folk legend. 
Now, for the first time, learn the truth behind what actually took place during one of the most famous hauntings in American history.
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Preorder The Mark of the Bell Witch on Blu-ray & DVD
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The Mark of the Bell Witch: English / USA / 85 min

Official Trailer:

Spoiler-Free Review:

The Bell Witch has been a mystery and a legend for the horror fans, historians and especially for the residents from the city of Adams, Tennessee of the USA. The legend involves a family being tortured by a paranormal spirit, and eventually, having an alleged “witch” burnt by one of their family members at the Bell cabin when the paranormal entity attacked him while sleeping. The film makers, Small Town Monsters LLC, are famous for their entertaining and informative documentary films based on paranormal legends such as the Mothman, Bigfoot, and even the UFOs. The Mark of the Bell Witch feels like another feather in the cap. Read on to know why it’s a remarkable horror film and documentary hybrid that is a must watch.    

The horror documentary starts with giving the audience a brief information about the origin of the Bell Witch. The audience gets to see how the Bell family settled in the Bell Cabin, their normal life, and the beginning of the hauntings by the paranormal entity. Many life events are portrayed, and tragedies that will make the audience shiver in fear, and empathize with the Bell family who first hear sounds, get disturbed at night during the sleep, and eventually the apparition starts troubling them. There’s also an intriguing take of a ghost hare, and a two headed hound roaming in the farm. Everything told is based on evidence, witness accounts, books, reports, and when not, the claims or the myths are analyzed in a scientific way.   

The story is narrated not only by the narrators but also by many well qualified knowledgeable experts, who tell us a lot of different aspects about the Bell family, the paranormal entity, and the events in an interesting and evidence based method. Besides the Bell Witch main story, the audience gets to learn a lot about the history, culture and geographical information of the place of the Bell Cabin, the Adams Town, and the life in the 19th century.  

The Bell family’s story comes alive through the visualization by the actors who did a brilliant job of portraying the historic figures from the real Bell family, and also the paranormal entity called the Bell Witch. The black and white tone of the footage helps to add the 19th century feel to it, besides enhancing the horror, and differentiating it from the present time colored footage of the interviews and shots of the current condition of the places at which the horrible and tragic events happened.   

The horror documentary is 85 minutes long, and the time flies easily as the film has many chapters with different main topics that help to keep the audience engaged. The visuals are clear, and beautifully shot. Whether the present time interviews with the experts, or the visualization of the 19th century story of the Bell family. The well composed beautiful music is always present, and helps a lot in making the scenes or the interviews a lot more intense. Sound effects are professionally recorded, with the smallest details also given the importance. Special effects, especially, when we see the Witch apparitions appear out of nowhere feel truly terrifying. The cinematography, editing, and the direction are so well executed that even the experts talking in an old auditorium has a creepy feel to it, and the scenes featuring the Bell Cabin have a unique authentic nightmarish quality to them.   

In conclusion, Small Town Monsters’ The Mark of the Bell Witch is an entertaining, informative, and scary horror documentary that tells the famous legend in a simple, appealing yet in an evidence based approach. If you’re a horror fan, a history fan or curious about the Bell Witch legend, this horror film documentary hybrid will not only entertain you but also educate you with many interesting facts that stay with you for a long time even after you finish watching the film.    

On December 15th, 2020, The Mark of the Bell Witch was officially released on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital platforms (Vimeo, & Amazon Prime Video). It will make your 2021 a lot more enjoyable and scary. Highly recommended! 

Preorder The Mark of the Bell Witch on Vimeo

Preorder The Mark of the Bell Witch on Blu-ray & DVD

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