Don’t Listen (Voces)- Film Review

Don’t Listen a spanish Horror film orginally titled Voces Released November 27, 2020. Directed By Angel Gómez Hernández. Currently Ranking # 8 on Netflix, with a 6.2 out of 10 on IMDB.

Netflix’s Chosen image

Synopsis: Daniel (Rodolfo Sancho) and Sara ( Belén Fabra) have a 9-year-old son, Eric (Lucas Blas), and they’ve just moved to a new home not knowing the neighbours call it “the house of the voices”. Eric is the first one to notice the odd noises behind each door.

Sara, Eric and Daniel

This Film opens on who I believe to be a child psychiatrist talking to Eric, a 9 year old boy who hears “voices”. Telling him to draw things mostly. Shortly after speaking briefly with his parents telling him he’s an ordinary boy with a big imagination and leaving the residence. Eric draws an image a single bloody tree branch, She then meets an untimely demise. which launches a series of grim events.

After the sudden death of Daniel and Sara’s Son Eric. Sara unable to cope with being at the house where her son died goes away to her parents, Daniel stays behind to continue working on the renovation of the house. Daniel unknowingly records an EVP of his son’s voice while sending a voice recrding to his wife Sara. Eric is pleading for help from the beyond. Daniel seeks out counsel of writer Germán ( Ramón Barea) who’s main basis of his writings are about EVP readings and making contact with the Dead. Seeking answers as to what happened to his son and how to help him Daniel, Germán and his Daughter Ruth (Ana Fernández) set out to find those answers within the walls of ‘The house of Voices”.

Germán, Ruth and Daniel

During their paranormal investigation Sara returns home after receiving a mysterious phone call from her deceased son Eric pleading with her to come home and make the man (Germán) go away that Daniel brought home. Big Mistake there, you shouldn’t always believe what you hear or as poor Sara learns in her grisly fate to neither believe what you see either. As everyone who ventures within tries to figure out What is real and what isnt?

“Within the walls of the house of voices you can’t trust anything you see or hear. The evil presence that resides within it’s walls will use whatever means necessary to try to ensnare you.” -Tessa Baker

Should you trust your own eyes?

In conclusion without giving too much away it was worth the watch. The use of paranormal elements, the lighting and atmosphere, use of horror elements and the CGI that was used wasnt excessive. Learning the twisted story, the house of voices originally a courthouse during the inquisition of Witches and the plot twist thrown at the end. oh man what a grisly turn of events what a way to end it. I enjoyed it, recomending you watch it as well. I know some of the images on my review are small I used what I could find. I’ll post where you can find Don’t Listen aka Voces so you can view it yourselves down below.

I hope you enjoyed my review, Stay Scary.

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