Horror Book Review: J. D. Oliva’s “The Book of Jericho: A Supernatural Thriller”

Without spoiling, we review the 231 paged horror novel, called “The Book of Jericho: A Supernatural Thriller ” which is written by J. D. Oliva. Released on  September 17, 2019 on Amazon, Rakuten Kobo as well as book stores.


A savage murder. A multimillion-dollar business. An earth-shattering mystery.

Some secrets are best left underground.

Ethan Jericho has a well-earned reputation as an international assassin who never takes chances. So when the son of a high-powered Washington lobbyist is murdered, Jericho is hired to bring justice to the man responsible.

But the deeper Jericho digs, the murkier the truth becomes. And when he discovers his client’s involvement in an underground fracking operation, Jericho finds himself on someone else’s hit list. What lies underground may not be human.

THE BOOK OF JERICHO is the first entry in the Books of Jericho series. If you like Jack Reacher-style thrillers with a taste of the supernatural, you’ll love The Books of Jericho.

Spoiler-Free Review:

The Book of Jericho is a horror novel about not just the protagonist, Ethan Jericho but also about monster horror, social issues of illegal fracking on the native lands, and of how the Internet plays the role in formulating conspiracy theories which could lead to the harassment of people.  

Ritchie Keller, the only son of a business couple was murdered in his Georgetown apartment and the murder was termed as a failed burglary attempt or a drug junkie’s work. The parents, Randal Keller and Amanda Keller didn’t push for autopsy or further investigation. This led to the Internet, and in particular, a conspiracy theorist & online show host Charlie Welles defaming them and causing a high number of people to turn against the Kellers. This led to an attack on Randal, and in an unpleasant situation, he found about Cherry Vale Security business owner & “problem solver”, Ethan Jericho, who can provide security, stop the harassment, and defamation.

After accepting Keller’s job, Jericho discovers that things are complicated, and Ritchie Keller murder isn’t as simple as it looks. Jericho meets Renee White Bird, a native American activist who gets kidnapped while protesting illegal fracking operations by a big corporation in Hawk Hallow, a small town in Minnesota. She also discovers that there’s something more than simple fracking operations going on & there is a connection to the murder of Ritchie Keller. Terrell Martin, Ethan Jericho’s cousin in the police force also gets involved when Ritchie Keller’s investigation abruptly ends with a possible killer’s arrest, and Jericho meets him to dig deeper into the case. Exciting events never stop, taking you to different parts of the US, and the climax is one of the most satisfying endings I have ever read.    

J. D. Oliva’s writing style is easy to understand, entertaining, and describes all the necessary details. The readers get to learn about Ethan Jericho’s past, relationship with his family, and how his fearless yet disciplined personality was developed. His humor, and action is always the best part of this book. Through Renee White Bird story arc, the readers get to know the problems of natives, and tribal community rights. The current situation of social media is aptly showcased as with the benefits, there is a misuse of the Internet as well to spread the hate or fake stories. The paranormal twist to the situation here felt like a nod to the fact that if humans keep polluting or ruining the ground (or other natural resources), things that live there would come to surface in order to invade and find a new home. There’s a nice twist that is an example of how love has no boundaries. Trixie dog characters was very adorable, and felt like a great way of adding some cuteness to the story. Like always, J. D. Oliva has given attention to detail, and importance to all the characters.   

In conclusion, J. D. Oliva’s The Book of Jericho is filled with horror, action, suspense, and subtle humor that makes it a joy to read. It’s an entertaining and thrilling read for any suspense and horror fan. Set before the werewolf horror novel with the Holidays theme, titled Harvest Moon by J. D. Oliva, reading The Book of Jericho helps you to know more about Ethan Jericho who played an important role in Harvest Moon, which is a perfect follow up novel to read after this novel, even if this novel having no cliff hanger, and a perfect standalone type of existence. The Devil’s Prayer novel about a dangerous cult is the next exciting part of the 4 (Soon to be 5 with Sundown) Books of Jericho, and this novel makes you a fan of Jericho and of J. D. Oliva for sure.  

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