The Blue Coyote Interview

Recently I was invited to appear on a podcast to talk Haunted Vermont, my time investigating the unknown and more. Below is a rundown of the Episode description. And make sure to support The Blue Coyote Podcast as well, thanks for reading and enjoy the conversation.

Paul Dulski, founder of ‘Haunted Vermont’ and host of ‘Everything Horror Podcast’

Calls into The Blue Coyote for episode #4 ..we talk about what led him down the path of the supernatural, share experiences, and share haunted legends of New England

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One thought on “The Blue Coyote Interview

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  1. Lots of creepy tales and loved knowing how you started your paranormal investigation journey. The one instance when things stopped happening when they left, was scary yet relatable. I think the spirits do behave differently around different people. Awesome interview, Paul. Congrats once again!! Blue Coyote feels like a great podcast too.

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