First Bulgarian Found-Footage Horror Film “At His Doorstep” Looks Terrifying & Enjoyable!

After starting a new online series, Annie and two of her friends head to an abandoned building in Lyulin Mountain, believed to be inhabited by evil.

“At His Doorstep” is the first Bulgarian found-footage horror film. It centers on the demonic, shown through the lens of Annie, an online celebrity.

With a team of around 20 people and a mini-budget of around $4000, Radostin Stoychev, the Producer and Co-Writer along with the director, Violet Pancheva, created the first Bulgarian found footage horror, called “At His Doorstep”.
The movie is soon about to go on a worldwide trip with numerous festivals, until it comes back to Europe for a local premiere in 2021.


For the last decade, the abandoned building deep in Lyulin Mountain, was labeled as haunted and it was given the name “The Asylum” by the numerous groups of people that went there seeking a thrill. Their stories and experiences, described all over the internet, inspired the movie.


Annie, a famous vlogger, and her two best friends – Iveta and Milena – are shooting an episode for her new online series “Bulgaria’s Scariest Places” inside an abandoned building deep in the woods of Lyulin Mountain. In the name of good content, they decide that it’s best to spend the night there all alone, aiming to capture the strange phenomena which have been reported for years. When night falls and Milena goes missing, the girls quickly realize that they are not alone, and that whatever evil inhabits the place, it has no intention of ever letting them leave.

Official Trailer:

Our Thoughts:

The Horror film looks well shot, and the acting performances are also great, with the creepy atmosphere of the place perfectly captured which gives it a psychological horror feel yet has a few surprise jump scares too! What makes me happy as a critic, and a horror fan myself is the passion of the cast and crew to show the ghost stories in an entertaining way which also provides some valuable information about the history, and culture of Bulgaria.

This 36 minutes Bulgarian short film with English subtitles feels energetic, creepy, and truly well made. This will be something worth watching if you’re participating in any international film festivals, or live in the Europe for its premiere in 2021. Hopefully, it will get a release on the digital platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or Vimeo someday. Be sure to follow Everlasting Hauntings & Everything Horror Podcast besides the creators to stay updated!!

Connect with the Film’s Team:

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Credits (courtesy of IMDb):-

Directed by
Violet Pancheva

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Violet Pancheva
Radostin Stoychev

Violina Dotseva Violina Dotseva … Annie
Svetlana Smoleva Svetlana Smoleva … Lidiya
Nadezhda Rasheva Nadezhda Rasheva … Milena
Radostin Stoychev Radostin Stoychev … Andrey
Ralitsa Neykova Ralitsa Neykova … Iveta

Produced by
Radostin Stoychev … producer

Music by
Andrey Cholakov

Cinematography by
Denislav Nikolov

Film Editing by
Denislav Nikolov

You cannot run. You cannot hide.

#AtHisDoorstep is coming for you in 2021.


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