Interview: Writer & Chamber Pop Artist Jessamine Barham Shares Experience About Dark Music, Horror, Writing, Overcoming Challenges & Her Upcoming Album- Light in the Darkness!

Jessamine Barham is a writer, chamber pop artist and has also created several songs, and most of them having goth & dark themes, with similarity to the horror genre. She is also having several books in the work, and has her third music album planned for the next year! In this interview with us, she shares with the readers how she become a writer, a musician, the challenges she overcame as an independent artist, along with how to manage emotions especially during the difficult times like the outbreak of 2020.

A sample of Jessamine Barham’s work (World of Lies Original Song):

As the song shows, Jessamine has created an original song that touches the feelings of the listeners and with a great voice, and music, the impact is increased manifolds. Please read on, to know even more facts about her music, and writing!


Q.1) Jessamine, what would you like to share with the readers who may not be familiar with your work? 

Jessamine:- My music was inspired by symphonic/gothic metal bands like Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Epica.  I like to write songs that are dramatic and emotional.  However, there is also a part of me that likes gentle piano ballads.  Some of my music is more quiet and introspective.

Q. 2) As a writer, what inspired you to write, and which writing work would you like the readers to check out?

Jessamine:- I was inspired to write novels after reading Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events when I was younger.  My novel Witchcraft was inspired by Harry Potter, although in my story the main character was female and it was based in America.  I haven’t published any of my stories yet as I am still in the editing process. 

Q. 3) It is a challenging task to be a writer, and creating songs on your own is an even bigger challenge. How was the experience of releasing a song for the first time?

Jessamine:- It was an exciting experience when I released my first album Out of the Shadows.  I was nervous at first, as my songs are personal and dark.  I wasn’t sure how people would react to my music.  However, I put a lot of hard work into recording my album with my singing teacher Natasha, so I was happy when I saw my album on Spotify and YouTube.  

Q. 4) Your songs have a dark theme to them, which is loved by many people who also might be horror fans. What are your thoughts about the horror genre, and which horror media (films/novels/comics/music) would you consider your favorites or even maybe inspiration for your work?

Jessamine:- I’m not a huge fan of horror, but I do like thriller, suspense, and mystery films.  I like films that have dark storylines, but do not like blood and gore.  I’m heavily inspired by the atmosphere of A Series of Unfortunate Events, which is gothic fiction and dark comedy.  I also like the dark circus, carnival aesthetic of films like Something Wicked This Way Comes as well as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Q. 5) Besides dark themed songs & music, which other genre of music or songs would you like to create in future?

Jessamine:- Aside from rock/metal music, I like indie artists like Aurora, Birdy, and Regina Spektor, medieval folk music, and classical music.  I like music that is emotional and otherworldly.  In the future, I would like to write songs that are more emotional like Birdy’s music and less dark.  I would still like to write dark songs, but I think it is important to express other emotions in my music.

Q. 6) Every artist, no matter how famous or successful in their career faces challenges in their journey. What were the challenges faced by you in the process of creating so many good songs, and how did you overcome them?

Jessamine:- There were times where it was hard for me to write songs.  I would come up with an idea that I thought was good, but then when I put it to music it didn’t work.  Other times, I would write lyrics that I thought sounded good, but when I sang them later, they didn’t sound as great as I thought.  There were also times when I worried about my music being too dark.  Some people criticized the songs on my first album “Out of the Shadows” and said they were depressing.  That made me afraid of expressing myself for a little while, but then I realized you can’t please everyone.  I now am comfortable with myself and who I am and am not afraid of releasing dark music. 

Out of the Shadows (Listen here):

Q. 7) Besides, writing and creating awesome songs, what other hobbies or interests do you have? 

Jessamine:- I like watching movies in my spare time.  I also like singing covers of some of my favorite songs.

Q.8) You have a new album planned for the next year called “Light in the Darkness”, and it sounds very interesting! What would you like to share about it? Why according to you, is it a must for all music lovers?

Jessamine:- Light in the Darkness” will be a four song EP.  Ghosts from the Past, the intro track, is an eerie, classical ballad about being haunted by bad memories and struggling to let go of them.  That leads into Price to Pay, which is a dark-cabaret influenced song about being careful who you trust and not putting your blind faith into people.  The latter two songs Only a Dream and A New Dawn are gentle, classical ballads that were inspired by Birdy’s music.  If you like emotional, dark music, then “Light in the Darkness” is the album for you!

Q.9) Now, due to the outbreak in 2020, the world situation has forced many to stay indoors, and caused many to feel a bit down or anxious. What are your tips for the readers to overcome the feeling of loneliness, anxiety, and fear? Also, as a songwriter, what kind of impact did it have on your work, and did the situation help you generate new ideas?

Jessamine:- I’m a quiet person so I naturally spend a lot of time by myself.  However, even I have felt lonely during these times.  A way I’ve dealt with loneliness is by working on songwriting, singing, recording, and music promotion.  I feel that the busier I am, the less lonely I feel.  This situation gave me a lot of time to record music that I didn’t have when I attended school in person.  It also gave me ideas for new songs as well as bringing back old songs I hadn’t looked at in a while. 

Q. 10) To conclude this interview, what message would you like to give to the readers, and also, to anyone who wishes to be a writer and an artist like you?

Jessamine:- I would tell them to keep creating and to not give up.  The creative process is not always easy, but be patient and keep writing new content.

 Thank you for the opportunity, and for your time, Jessamine. We, from Everything Horror Podcast & Everlasting Hauntings wish you a very bright future ahead, and a successful launch of your upcoming “Light in the Darkness” album. 

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