Interview: Horror Filmmaker, Composer & NMJ Films Founder Nicholas Michael Jacobs About Filmmaking, Horror & Two Twisted Tales Film (Dec 2020)

We interview filmmaker and music composer, Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the founder of NMJ Films and creator of many outstanding independent horror films with minimal resources, and often on his own. Especially during the current outbreak situation, Nicholas Jacobs did not stop creating entertaining short films for horror fans.

This interview comes right before NMJ Films’ upcoming horror short film named “Twisted Two Tales” which is releasing on Amazon Prime Video on January 1st 2020. “Two Twisted Tales” (2021), is a sequel short to “Genevieve” (2020), “Genevieve Wreaks Havoc” (2020), and also “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2020).

We learn not only about Nicholas Michael Jacobs’ upcoming film, but also about what inspires him as a filmmaker, what he likes as a horror fan, experience of filmmaking during the outbreak, and a special message for all horror fans!

What is NMJ Films’ Two Twisted Tales about? :

The Visitor returns to bring you two more twisted tales of terror, including one about Genevieve: The Killer Doll.

Our Review:

Horror Film Review: Two Twisted Tales by NMJ Films (Releasing on Amazon Prime Video on January 1st 2021)


Q.1 – There are many fans of your work but still, what would you like to share with the readers about you, your team at NMJ Films, and your work?

Nicholas: I guess what best describes us as a team is, we are horror fans through and through, we are just trying to bring the world new and inventive kinds of horror films that connect the modern era with the classic era.

Q.2 – What was the inspiration behind Two Twisted Tales, and how it connects with your 2019 feature film available on Amazon Prime Video titled Tales From Six Feet Under?

Nicholas:- I just wanted to try something completely new with this film, my inspirations for it would be Tales from the Crypt and this YouTuber channel I watch called Mr. Nightmare. The Visitor character from Tales from Six Feet Under returns to tell these two tales but other than that there are not too many similarities between the two films, it’s more of a spin-off film than a sequel I would say.

Tales From the Crypt: The Crypt Keeper (voice of John Kassir) Tales From the Crypt Image Source: Warner Home Video Direct / Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Resverved. (Original Channel: HBO)

Q.3 – The main character called The Visitor, which is played by you (Nicholas Michael Jacobs), looks very intriguing and scary. What inspired you to create a character like that?

Nicholas : – The Crypt Keeper from Tales from the Crypt and The Creep from Creepshow inspired me to create a character like that, I wanted my own horror host of sorts so that’s what inspired that character’s creation.

Q. 4 – Have you considered having The Visitor as an actual antagonist or even as a protagonist (Sort of an anti-hero) in future projects instead of just narrating stories? What other situations would you like to see The Visitor in? Maybe in a horror-comedy like from Scream movies?

Nicholas : – I have actually considered that and he was kind of the antagonist of one of the short stories in Tales from Six Feet Under but I don’t know exactly what’s in store for The Visitor’s future yet. I have thought of giving him an origin story film where we find out how he came to be but only time will tell if we will ever pursue that project, I just don’t know at the moment.

Q. 5 – Two Twisted Tales has a connection with Genevieve. While creating an interconnected horror film universe, which characters, ghosts, paranormal entities would you like to add to your future films?

Nicholas : – Hmm, I’m not sure, we kind of did it all in a lot of ways but I guess I’d like to add more to some of the characters that I’ve already created beside Genevieve and The Visitor, that would be pretty interesting to me, but I don’t know, we’ll see.

Q. 6 – Whom would you consider an inspiration for your filmmaking, and which horror or non-horror films or TV shows or Internet videos have taught you something worth noting down in terms of filmmaking, acting, or music?

Nicholas : – The Evil Dead guys, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, and Rob Tapert are the biggest inspiration to me. I met Bruce Campbell a few years ago (right after I graduated from High School) and I asked him for advice on filmmaking and he told me to become a Producer and Produce my own stuff… not long after that, I made my first feature film and never looked back.

Q. 7 – Your recent Halloween fan film released on YouTube in October 2020 was a huge success. Would you like to create more fan films in the future? Also any recommendations for those who would like to make fan films?

Nicholas : – I honestly think I might be done making fan films after making that one, I find myself having more fun creating original lore and ideas rather than working with something already created. Advice… just go for it, try it out, and see if you like it, it doesn’t hurt to try and you could really learn something from it.

Q. 8 – You have created many great horror short films and feature films with minimal resources. Due to the current outbreak, the resources are more limited, and there are more restrictions. How was your experience while creating the two Genevieve killer doll short films, and now Two Twisted Tales while being at home? What advice would you give to the film industry professionals when filming during an outbreak?

Nicholas : – It’s definitely hard because we were already limited by budget but now we are even more limited but I think it’s good for a filmmaker to create, just film something, you don’t have to release it if you don’t want to but just film something to stimulate that creative part of your brain and body.

Q. 9 – What are your goals and dreams as a filmmaker, music composer, and actor? Which famous personality would you like to work with (or at least meet) in your film making journey?

Nicholas : – I would just love to work with anyone that’d be willing to work with me, whether that be a huge movie star or an indie film star or whatever, I’d just love to create with whoever wants to create with me. My goals are to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully eventually be able to fully make a living off of what I love to do most, make horror films.

Q. 10 – In conclusion, what makes your upcoming horror short film, Two Twisted Tales a must-watch when it releases on January 1st, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video? Also, anything else you’d like to share with the readers, and your fans?

Nicholas : – There is nothing really quite like Two Twisted Tales out there exactly, it’s a short sweet and to the point type of film that you will not regret watching. Go to to keep up with everything we are doing and working on!

Thank you, Nicholas, for once again giving us your valuable time and sharing your thoughts about the horror short film, Two Twisted Tales, and many other things. Everything Horror Podcast & Everlasting Hauntings family, wishes you, your family, and your team all the best! May your upcoming films be a huge success.

Nicholas : – Thank you so much, Darsh! And no problem, I always enjoy talking to you and our team wishes the same for all of you as well!

About NMJ Films:-

NMJ Films is founded by Nicholas Michael Jacobs, the independent film director of “Night” (2019), “Urban Fears” (2019),  “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2020),  “Genevieve” (2020), and “Genevieve Wreaks Havoc” (2020). Creating innovative and unique horror shorts, and features.

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