“Mask of the Devil” – Supernatural Slasher Horror Feature from Ash Mountain Films Now on Kickstarter till January 11th 2021!

Mary’s about to be visited by the curse…

Ash Mountain Films, the creators of Nefarious & Dogged horror films, are now working on their third feature horror film in the 80s style slasher focused on a cursed supernatural mask tormenting a film crew trying to make the ends meet…. Currently on the globally trusted crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter until Mon, January 11 2021 1:00 AM UTC +04:00. Many rewards include producer credits, T-shirt, digital download of the upcoming and past films, and much more. Grab them before they’re gone! More information about the exciting project below:


West Africa, late 19th Century.  A British explorer pillages a ceremonial mask with supernatural powers from its tribal home.

In present day England, a fiery young woman named Mary takes a job at a low-rent pornographers in order to gain financial independence from her over-bearing parents.

When the Mask of the Devil finds its way on to set, it wreaks havoc and unleashes unimaginable carnage on the ill prepared cast and crew.

Will Mary and her new acquaintances be able to defeat the evil, and banish the curse of the Mask of the Devil…?

Message from Ash Mountain Films on the Kickstarter:-

2020 has been very tough on everyone – physically, psychologically and financially – so thank you in advance for taking a look at our project!  We’re looking ahead to 2021 and getting some more original horror content directly to YOU!

We proudly present “Mask of the Devil” – the third feature length film from Ash Mountain Films – and we need YOUR help to get it made!

An 80’s style supernatural slasher movie in the vein of your favourites from that golden VHS era!

If we come together and #SupportIndieHorror – then this movie can be with you around this time next year! 

About the tone:

“Mask of the Devil” is intended to be a tongue in cheek look at 80’s slasher movies through the lens of a more cynical modern horror audience.

With a serious subtext about consumption in both the horror and porn industries, we want to subtly shine a light on how serious and artistic (but low budget) filmmaking doesn’t always align with traditional audience expectations and demands.

Shot, edited & coloured like a retro VHS from the era, and with a kick-ass synth-rock soundtrack, the film is intended to be an audience pleaser!

OK, so, who’s the audience for this movie?  Well, we hope it’s YOU!  Because without you, we won’t be able to get it made!

There’s a huge amount of fun involved in making these films, but we need YOUR help!

The script has been in development for well over a year, and we’re now happy and ready to start production!  Pre-production is going well – but we need your help!

Ash Mountain Films is a collaborative group of filmmakers who have kept all of our promises on our two previous feature films (“Dogged” and “Nefarious“), both of which were funded through backers just like you on Kickstarter.

Our intention is to shoot in March and April of 2021, and we’ve planned out a 20 day shoot.  We’re looking to have the film completed by August/September time in 2021.

Some of the cast & crew photos from our previous shoots!

Our crew is assembled, and we’re currently in the final throes of casting the project.  Potential locations have been scouted, and we’re really very excited about this movie!

We firmly believe in the ethos of making better horror – not just churning out something for the sake of it because we can!

We constantly challenge ourselves and our perceptions, and we simply LOVE what we do!

So why should you back this project?  Only if you want to see it get made!  All of the reward tiers from £15 and upwards guarantee you  a digital download of the movie at the very least – and there’s lots of other exciting rewards to choose from!  Want something you can’t see on there?  Let us know & we’ll do our best to accommodate your every wish!

T Shirts are always popular rewards!

What’s special about Ash Mountain Films?  Hmmm, well, we mentioned we’re a collaborative unit – and that’s true.  Our passion for these projects is enormous.  How enormous?  Well, not a single member of the cast or crew get paid for making them!  We do it purely for the love, and we want to spend every penny we can making the movie as awesome as we know it can be!  It takes a great level of devotion to get out of bed on your free days and get together to make a movie – but we’ve done it twice before for features, and we want to again!

If you back us, every penny goes towards making this movie look, sound and be great!

As always, we’re not asking for charity – we want YOU to engage with the project too!  

Tell everyone you know about it, brag that you’re part of the team, and convince them they should be too!

A few behind the scenes stills from “Nefarious” – necessity is the mother of invention on these movies!

Where does the money go then?

Well, our target here is £22,500.  Here’s how that breaks down:

£2,500 – Kickstarter and payment processing fees (leaving £20,000)

£4,000 – Locations & construction of sets (inc. materials) (leaving £16,000)

£3,500 – Music synch licences & sound post production (leaving £12,500)

£1,000 – Insurance for cast, crew, locations & equipment (leaving £11,500)

£8,000 – Travel expenses, hotels & catering – this is essentially our cast & crew payments (leaving £3,500)

£1,000 – Hair & Makeup…we need a lot of prosthetics and blood for this movie! (leaving £2,500)

£2,000 – Art department & costumes (leaving £500)

£500 – Printing, equipment rentals, consumables, lighting (leaving, errrr, nothing!)

Sounds a lot when it’s a lump, but as you can see it diminishes really quickly even with just basic (and very frugal) spending!  And we promise, we don’t exactly serve caviar and champagne for lunch!

In addition, we then have to think about fulfilling all of our Kickstarter rewards, postage, marketing and PR, festival submissions and so on – that’s generally where the producers then put their hands in their pockets to make sure the film gets out there – because we dearly want to bring this project to life for you!

So as you can see – it’s the honest truth that without YOU, then this project simply won’t get made.

We want you to be excited by the concept, and the possibilities, as much as we are!

Credits in the movie and tickets to the cast & crew screening are among the rewards!

“Who even are you bozo’s?!” we hear you cry!  Well, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Just some of the fun situations we get ourselves into!

Writer/Director/Producer Richard Rowntree has completed 10 shorts films & 2 features since 2014 – and they’ve screened at some pretty big festivals around the world. With 19 years experience in the film industry (which incorporates working on over 100 feature films & TV shows) & a degree in film from the University of Kent at Canterbury, he knows his way around film making! He finished in the top 5 of the BBC’s search for the best undiscovered horror film directors back in 2015, & he’s also a massive horror film fan, so he knows his audience, & genre, inside out!

DOP/Producer Chris Foulser loves cameras. In a slightly unnatural & possibly illegal way. He studied at the University of Winchester & has a keen eye for a killer shot!

Editor/VFX Artist/Producer Lee Wignall describes himself as “pretty geeky but not super-geek”! He studied art & design at Central St. Martins College in London & has has worked freelance for major companies including MTV & Fox, & was the recipient of a Promax Award in 2005. He has experience of working in many areas – location shooting, green screens, motion controlled, set & miniature shoots, as well as pre-visualisation, editing, animating, compositing & even directing! Lee is our post production wizard extraordinaire!

Writer/Production Manager/Producer Matt Davies has studied scriptwriting extensively, & doubles as the production manager on set, and, having almost given up his life for his art following a horrendous car crash during the shooting of “Dogged”, we have absolutely no doubts about his dedication & commitment to the project!

Production Designer Mel Wignall studied Theatre Design & Production Crafts at Northbrook College in Sussex, where she specialised in set building. Upon graduation, she waded straight into the world of film & TV, & has spent the last 12 years working as a prop maker, set dresser & model maker primarily. She has some pretty impressive credits to her name, including “The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus”, “Ink Heart”, “Wolfman” & “Dark Shadows”. Mel designed both “Dogged” and “Nefarious”, picking up awards & kudos along the way!

Other regular crew collaborators include Chris Wilson (gaffer), Connor Aldridge (amazing turn his hand to anything guy), Frank Hammond (camera and lighting assistant), Gemma Kelly (hair and makeup department head), Gryphon Dambella (prosthetics and practical effects genius), Matt Wignall (stills photographer), Russell A Davies (sound recordist extraordinaire), Stu Laurie (script supervisor), Sirah Haq (executive script consultant) and LOTS more!Make up & Prosthetics work! Subscribe to GOREgeous Griff on YouTube for tutorials!

We will be revealing several members of our cast throughout the Kickstarter campaign, so keep your eyes peeled. We’ll release headshots, bio’s and info on their roles when we hit certain milestones!

As you can see, we always work with a smile on our face!

Remember, Kickstarter is an ALL OR NOTHING crowdfunding platform – which means if we don’t hit our target, then we don’t get any of the money (and you don’t get charged!) – hell, that’s a lot of pressure!  Well, yes and no – we can’t make the film unless we hit the target, so it wouldn’t be fair to take part of the money and not be able to produce – so join us and let’s get this made together!

Don’t forget, your pledges only get collected at the end of the campaign, so don’t worry if you’re low on funds right now and you’re waiting for payday!

Thank you in advance for your support – and if you would like any other information at all, please just ask – we’re as transparent as we can be throughout the entire filmmaking process!

Rich & the team at Ash Mountain Films

Social media:

Facebook: @AshMountainFilmsLtd

Twitter: @AshMountainFilm AND @MaskOfTheDev1l

With the Ash Mountain Films hoodie on offer as a reward, you’re a visible part of the team!
Poster for our 2nd feature film “Nefarious”
Our last short film, “Misconception” has 10 festival selections so far & is still touring!
Our first feature “Dogged” is currently FREE to watch on Amazon Prime in N America & the UK!
Original artwork for “Nefarious” with selected quotes from media outlets!

Get awesome rewards today! Check out the Kickstarter Page here [ Get the rewards before Mon, January 11 2021 1:00 AM UTC +04:00. ]

Our Review of their past work:-

Nefarious (2019) Review: A Home Invasion Horror Thriller Feature Film that entertains and surprises you in unpredictable ways!

Connect with the film team:-

Twitter of the Film

Twitter of the Director

Twitter of Ash Mountain Films Ltd.

Official Website

Ash Mountain Films Ltd. on Vimeo

Ash Mountain Films on YouTube


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