Back Afterlight Comic’s STAY AWAKE FINALE

After 21 successful Kickstarter’s fulfilled and managed by Joseph Oliviera. I think it’s safe to say and will continue to see the ever growing of UK’s finest horror comic publisher. Last year we saw the grand finale for their first ever story, “Ghost Island”. Now in 2021, we start the year off with the finale of Stay Awake.

“Stay Awake is the reason, we don’t want to go to sleep.” – Paul, Everything Horror Podcast

And I still stand by the quote above, Sleep Paralysis isn’t a laughing matter. It’s definitely a wake up call within your life of why you’re going through this nightmarish state of mind. Everyone who has gone through this can tell you that they wouldn’t even wish it upon their own enemies or really anyone.

So what is Afterlight Comic’s Stay Awake?

 Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients when a detective reveals that each has died under suspicious circumstances.


Parasomnias is a category of sleep disorders that involve abnormal movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions, and dreams that occur while falling asleep. This is really the backbone of the story, STAY AWAKE, and the unsettling things that can happen, just when you think you can get some rest in your nice warm bed… This series touches on Sleep Paralysis, Insomnia, and more sleep abnormalities.

Our Reviews

Stay Awake #1 | Stay Awake #2 | Stay Awake #3



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