Sphinx PR Turns 20 & Celebrates with Commemorative T-Shirt Charity Campaign! (Ends on Jan 25)

Sphinx PR, with experience of working with big Horror brands like Storm King Productions, has turned 20, and to celebrate the milestone, they have started a charity campaign on Bonfire with the launch of a commemorative T-shirt available in all sizes featuring a beautiful art by Kurt Komoda on the front and their official brand name, and website on the back. All the sales proceeds will be going to the charity organization- Heifer International, a leader accelerating the path to income globally, and helping to end poverty.

Campaign ends on January 25th, 2021 so grab your limited edition T-shirt today & help a good cause! [Click Here] Orders will start shipping February 2nd.

Official Information by Sphinx PR:-

Chicago, IL – January 11th, 2021. The boutique public relations firm Sphinx PR is celebrating being in business for 20 years by launching a charity t-shirt campaign on Bonfire. The campaign will benefit Heifer International a leader in creating income paths for all people globally. In August of 2000, Lys Fulda started the company and in the decades since Sphinx PR (originally Sphinx Group) has helped clients large and small get access to affordable public relations and marketing services regardless of budget. The firm offers a full range of options and has a proven track record within most geek-related audiences. Although the scope of her work has expanded outside pop-culture focus, geek will always remain the focus of Sphinx Pr. The commemorative shirt can be ordered at https://www.bonfire.com/sphinx-pr-turns-20/.

Fulda explains “ In short, ideas matter. This started when I saw a lot of wonderfully creative people who had great ideas and had no clue how to get them to market or how to reach their audience effectively. In 20 years, a lot has changed and the core of what I do is focusing on the empathetic response that is required to activate a response from an audience towards a specific goal. Empathy isn’t magic but it can seem like it to some. How all this is applied depends on the client. Each client is different, each product is different and each person regardless of budget deserves a chance to have their creation in the spotlight.”

“What started as a business has become its own community and network. There is nothing better than introducing people whether it’s digitally or in-person after programming on a panel and watching relationships blossom that have nothing to do with me” Fulda continued. “The focus has always been on opening doors and activating connections. I would not have made 20 years without the incredible people that I have met both personally and professionally and am thankful for every single one of you!”

The t-shirt campaign was designed to give back in a year that has been tough for so many. Art plays a key role in all of pop-culture so designing something fun and eye-catching as a vehicle to help those in need seemed appropriate. The campaign will be ongoing. The artist behind the image is Kurt Komoda and you can find out more about him at https://agonyagogo.com/.

For more information on Sphinx PR visit www.sphinxpr.com.

Sphinx PR Twitter

Campaign ends on January 25th, 2021 so grab your limited edition T-shirt today & help a good cause! [Click Here] Orders will start shipping February 2nd.


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