Thriller Novelist J.D. Oliva Announces 6th Book of Jericho Called “The Book of Warlock” with Cover Art & Plot Reveal!

Novelist J.D. Oliva, popular for his thriller and supernatural novels such as Harvest Moon, Hawk Hallow, and his “The Books of Jericho” Action Thriller series has revealed the 6th novel from the series titled “The Book of Warlock”. With the 5th novel “Sundown” in the last editing phase, this novel is what is occupying J.D. besides his writing work for a wrestling website and a podcast.

The front cover has been revealed, as seen above, and below, you will find the synopsis of the novel.


The US Army finds Jericho and informs him that Jericho’s former mentor, Crawford Lockhart, aka Warlock has procured a WMD and used on a group of soldiers. The Army offers Jericho the chance to clear him of the crimes he committed in NIGHTCRAWLER and SNOWBLIND if he takes out the only father-figure he’s ever had. However, The Weapon isn’t quite what it seems. Jericho isn’t the only person with their eyes on . Imagine X-Men meets the Purge!

If you haven’t read THE BOOKS OF JERICHO, dive in and experience one of the most exciting action-horror series on the market!

The book cover and premise is exciting as it has both action and suspense elements in them. If you haven’t read the other novels in the series, we highly recommend you to check them out as they’re among the most entertaining and well written novels you’ll ever read. Check out our reviews below to know more!

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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

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