Movie Review: Creature from Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend

In the early 1970’s in Murphysboro, Illinois, the town was terrorized by a creature that was thought to come out of a local river called the Big Muddy. This river gave rise to the creature’s  name: the Big Muddy Monster. But the sightings go back much further than the 1970s. In 1942 there was a flap about a creature terrorizing the region that was so startling to the community that newspapers warned children not to go into the woods by themselves. Livestock was found ripped apart and devoured by a creature that locals referred to as The Thing. The 50’s continued with sightings as workers at the Murphysboro iron and metal company had multiple reports of a creature that frequented the area. In 1968 another creature was reported, this one over ten foot tall that was referred to as the What’s It.  But it was in the 1970’s that  the area was a hotbed of paranormal activity consisting of curious sight seekers, amateur monster hunters and cryptozoologists . Then, during the summer of 1988, an incident occurred at a local salvage yard that resulted in yet another flurry of reports. Although the sightings tapered off, stories of the creature continue to this day. 

Featuring authors of the strange, Chad Lewis and Kevin Lee Nelson, this is an investigative look into the legend of The Big Muddy Monster.

The documentary features interviews with eyewitnesses, experts, and skeptics including Michael Huntington, Jon Musgrave, Tony Gerard, Christian Baril, Jessica Van Pelt, Bob Reiman, Bruce Cline, Coyote Chris Sutton, Will Stephens, James Clarida, the Southern Illinois Monster Hunters, former policemen who were on sight during the events, audio recordings courtesy of Stan Courtney, and of course Chad Lewis and Kevin Nelson. 

Filming includes areas where sightings occurred as well as the vast wilderness surrounding Murphysboro and the Big Muddy River. 

This documentary is not a monster hunt but more of an in-depth, unbiased look into the legend, which is a fantastic tale that needs to be more well known. Bigfoot and cryptid hunters will love learning about the encounters from actual witnesses and discovering how viable it is for an undiscovered primate to have lived in the vicinity and the possibility of its existence today.


Redroom Creative Media known for Hanging Elizabeth Reed Documentary returns, crowdfunded by Kickstarter. Creature From Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend, a 63 minute feature that explores into the the location of an infamous legend. With creepy low tune atmosphere music and light dimmed lighting throughout the environments during the voice overs. Redroom Creative Media is expanding their abilities with new techniques that should please the viewers from their earlier releases.

Bigfoot topics, stories, films seem to be sky-rocketing out of nowhere. Whether it’s something spooky, or dive into witnesses with their own take on local or worldwide legends. I don’t know fully how I feel about it, which even with stories from eye witnesses to the ending of questions to be asked. It seems to be a repeating thing of almost the same words being heard before again and again, I fully believe we have “enough” information out there on them or even some local legends thanks to the internet, books and other sources. I understand each documentary or take on this topic is trying to be different in their own ways, but what can we really do or say that hasn’t been said or done before?

At some points within the documentary, there is quiet scenes right before the voiceovers or even the underneath name tags roll in to help establish if audio was forgotten to be placed or if that specific quiet scene was meant to be trimmed out in the editing process. It’s always great hearing old stories, and it helps when backed by evidence. I guess for me, this documentary wasn’t fully for me, however there are cool stories and footage backing up claims of the Muddy Creature. To me Bigfoot has become a topic that I want something new, fresh and tacks where we finally prove their existence. I’ve listened to enough Bigfoot Eye Witnesses from Podcasts, Documentaries that unfortunately it seems you know where the words out of these stories are going to go.

I would recommend checking out Creature From Big Muddy: An Illinois Bigfoot Legend if you’re not familiar with the area, which was one of the things I liked. Being able to see the atmosphere of where this creature used to roam, it doesn’t mean it’s still there however it’s best to say when was the last recent activity or report from Big Muddy River? I also loved the Bigfoot costume to help reenact scenes from people’s stories. At this time it seems it’s not available anywhere to watch. But keep an eye on this article for any updates regarding platforms to watch. Make sure to also keep up to date with all things Redroom Creative Media.

RedRoom Creative Media


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