Full Horror Short Film & Review: “Guest House” by Dave Thorpe

Without spoiling we review, filmmaker Dave Thorpe’s horror short film titled “Guest House” starring Sheila Moylette & Mark Lawrence. We tell you why this short film is enjoyable, and scary to watch! Check out the FREE TO WATCH link below the review, and also many useful links including exclusive behind the scenes by Dave Thorpe!


While on a weekend away in a guest house, a couple play a game with supernatural consequences.

Official Trailer:

Spoiler-Free Review:-

Horror Movies about supernatural ritual or scary games are not always interesting to watch, and often end up looking funny or illogical. Director, Dave Thorpe’s Guest House is an exception. It starts off with a beautiful cinematic shot of an old house that looks magnificent yet creepy. This is the house which hosts two unknown guests who spend some time there to rest. This is when the fun, and scares begin.   

The couple, Ged and Amy, are bored due to no Wi-Fi, so they decide to talk but then when talk also becomes annoying, they start playing games. With a difficult guessing game annoying Ged even more, Amy finds a weird game of Mirror Mirror in which you keep looking at a mirror, pass 3 rooms without breaking your gaze, then close the eyes and after 10 seconds, you open your eyes and shout what you see. The outcome of the events is not predictable at all which is because of the brilliantly well knit writing by Aidan Gibson, and direction work by Dave Thorpe & Darren Hinchy (Online Editor). The ending is shocking, and if you think carefully (and watch the film again), you can observe the supernatural pattern of the premise which is very scary, and stays with you even after the short film ends.   

There are no swear words, no suggestive themes, and it is on YouTube, so it’s an awesome horror movie for teens and above. Acting by both artists ( Amy played by Sheila Moylette & Ged played by Mark Lawrence ) is natural, and their subtle comedy is very effective without sacrificing the scariness of the short film’s atmosphere.  The sounds by Paddy O’Connor, and music is hauntingly beautiful. Especially when the short film starts and you see the name with the house in the background. That sets the right mood for the short film!

In conclusion, this is one of the must watch horror short films on YouTube. It’s full of scary atmosphere, lovable performance, perfect length of 10 minutes, interesting story, and of course, it’s free to watch on YouTube. People are even commenting on YouTube about trying out the game but while we don’t want to spread superstitions, we’ll say that “try at your own risk“. Check it out. The best 10 minutes you’ll spend.    

Highly recommended for all horror fans!! 

Watch the Full Film for FREE here:-

YouTube URL

“Guest House” Credits:-

Cast- Amy played by SHEILA MOYLETTE & Ged played by MARK LAWRENCE



Cinematographer AIDAN GIBSON

Gaffer / Sound Recordist PADDY O’CONNOR




Connect with the Filmmaker:
Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/davethorpe87/​
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/davethorpe87/​
Twitter- https://twitter.com/davethorpe87/

YouTube of Dave Thorpe

Twitter of Sheila Moylette

Mark Lawrence IMDb

Darren Hinchy VFX/Online Editor’s Twitter

Official IMDb

Exclusive Behind The Scenes:-

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