UPCOMING RELEASE: “The Sock Hop Killer” Coming from Correct Handed Comics

I’m happy to announce a collaboration with the founder of Correct Handed Comics, David Whalen. Together we will bring you a 24 Page One-shot Comic, as our LOVE letter to the horror/slasher genre. If you like masked villain’s that cut people up with a nice touch of a story, we hope you’ll check out our lovely story. We hope you won’t get slashed to bits from learning to much.

It was fun writing and researching some stuff to help bring the story to life, and I (Paul) won’t let my debut story in the comic world let you down, it’s fun and hopefully refreshing. David and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and hopefully David and I can bring you another tale down the road if you enjoyed what’s in store with THE SOCK HOP KILLER.

I’m excited to announce and show off the cover for our next 24 page one-shot THE SOCK HOP KILLER. Coming Soon. Written by Paul Dulski from the concept and interior sequential pages by me, David Whalen. This dark & gruesome story is our love letter to anyone who has ever been a fan of the horror/slasher genre. Hope you enjoy this preview.If you haven’t seen any of the titles in our CHC! One-Shot series click the ‘Shop Now” button on our FB page to give them a look. Correct Handed Comics Remember to like/follow/share/comment

Don’t get LEFT out!
Correct Handed Comics, David Whalen

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If interested in chatting with Paul Dulski about this upcoming title, please contact him today under the “Suggestions” tab.


APRIL 2021

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