Music Review: Mister Misery “Unalive”

A band that started back in February 2018 hit the music genre of horror, 80’s rock and metal. A year or so later they were signed to Arising Empire. From there they released their debut album, “Unalive”. A 10 Track LP, CD or Digital Format of 40 Minutes of Horrorlicious goodness.

Released October 2019.

The album starts off with “The Blood Waltz”, which can be taken in different concepts from the lyrical side. It’s almost as if the person that is dying or already dead that rots away is wishing for something a little more. Rather than dying alone, seeing nothing but black. It’s also like a way of vampirism. As the “Elder” bit the victim and is now dying seeing black, feeling so lonely and asking them to lick all the blood off their arms. The song itself is catchy with cleans and uncleans, but it’s the wording of it all and how it’s presented that makes this introduction feel like a Vampire album.

“You and I” is another great way of thinking of undead, no beating hearts but like a Vampire flick or story you may read at times. The victim who has now turned is feeling quite bad that he/she are still alive, and their Master now makes them want to die. By the way anything I’m writing is just the way I’m taking it from listening to the album quite a few times that you start to think of the story aspect of what is possibly going on within the music of developing a story. This song is starting to also sound like old school, but just slightly. With some modern riffs and uncleans, you got yourself another killer track.

Now if this next song doesn’t yell VAMPIRE, I don’t know what will. “Tell Me How” which has a music video is one track that defines old school rock, just the way the vocals were recorded and the music of guitars and drum beats influence a narley song. Where the victim is finally accepting his dues on the world, becoming someone else’s slave for eternity while wishing for someone to save his lonely heart. Now here’s a song that could be repeated over and over a few times.

“My Ghost” to me is like a nice touch to something like Nosferatu, the idea of a shadow and underneath your bed. Like the infamous scene of Nosferatu using his Shadow going up the staircase to enter the Misses room. Just like last song, the musical sound brings something unique and memorable parts that will keep playing within your head.

From here it seems “Legion” is a call out against those that don’t want to help the young and free, plus the children. It’s like instead of Women and Children Die First, it’s more like forming an army to take those around them down as one army from Hell or as the song puts it “Children from Hell”.

As much as Vampire’s can’t really “love”, unless you’re watching something ridiculous like Twilight or True Blood… “Dead Valentine” is just a love letter to the one that almost got away? It’s also a way of turning one while convincing them to be turned but rather kill them off. Or turning them to be used as an army.

Now take the previous two songs and mash them up into one song, “Alive” is that army. Being the voice for those that have turned to show the rest of the world what they have become. A nice touch of soothing out the soul to be known and to know that you aren’t alone anymore, that you can speak your mind freely.

“Rebels Calling” is the way of being saved, it’s a war cry for other’s that have been saved from these “Strange Saviors”, while packing a punch to all the little bitches and motherfuckers that are in the way of the situation, which I’m assuming the non-believers. I don’t know if I could really compare this to something like “Rebel Yell”, but it’s definitely what I was thinking upon first listening.

“Stronger” is a nice tune to remind your former self that what you have become, wisdom, eternal life. But at least you aren’t as weak as you once were, you have become stronger than you were before. A nice touch from being the second to last track of ending the debut album.

As the last song fades out to a end, the finale is one of my favorites with the strong message regardless whether it being a horror message or just a plain message with no type of thing to it. “Live While You Can” is the upbeat rock song you’ll crank up to 13 and blare it loud. With catchy riffs, lyrics that make you ponder and sing along with Mister Misery. A fantastic way of ending the last 35 minutes of pure gold. Don’t live like a dog in a cage, get out there and live while you can. Vampirism or not, enjoy life every day.

In conclusion, Sweden rock metal band Mister Misery has released a head banger of a good time. Whether we are all vampires living the life of eternity or just being a regular human with or without a voice, we need to take a stand of what we believe in and make it be heard. It’s also a way of finding our true strength and conquering our weakness from within, and at the end of the day it’s enjoying, appreciating and accepting what we have in front of us all. Check out this album today, and also remember on April 23rd 2021, Mister Misery will be releasing their next album. “A Brighter Side of Death” which continues their horror story from “Unalive”. Below is just a taste of what’s to come. | Pre-order “A Brighter Side of Death”

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