AfterLight Comics’ GHOST ISLAND – Trade Paperback Edition Horror Graphic Novel Cover Revealed & Launched on Kickstarter on March 1st!

GHOST ISLAND | A 180+ page Supernatural Horror Graphic Novel dubbed as Jurassic Park but with Ghosts.

After six successful scary comic issues, the wait is finally over for the fans of AfterLight Comics, the UK based comics brand which is well known for its quality comics, and graphic novels.

The Paperback of 180+ pages filled with all the comic issues is available to claim via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, as Afterlight Comics has a track record of over 19 Kickstarters being funded and orders fulfilled, it’s highly recommended to support on the page today, and become a backer as soon as it possible because AfterLight Comics products are very limited in stock, and highly demanded internationally.

Synopsis of the horror series- Ghost Island:-

On a remote island, a wealthy entrepreneur has secretly created a theme park full of imprisoned ghosts he has collected over time. Before opening the attraction to the public he enlists the help of a small group of people to assist him.  One of them being Josh Evans a troubled psychic with a dark past. Whilst Josh battles accusations over the disappearance of his wife, he is scheduled the task of entering the spirit world & exploring some of the evil minds of the ghosts that lay within the island, but at what cost. In an epic finale, Josh has his world turned upside down as he unlocks the truth to his past.

Launched on Kickstarter – MARCH 1st 2021.

Visit and support today-

About AfterLight Comics founder, Joseph Oliveira-

Joseph Oliveira, Liverpool, UK

BAFTA Nominated Writer & Editor at AfterLight Comics, An Independent Horror Comics Publishing House. Funded & fulfilled 19 Kickstarters to date. Titles Include, GHOST ISLAND• FOLKTALES OF THE CRYPTIDS • WENDIGO WOOD• STAY AWAKE • RISE OF THE GOATMAN • BIRTH OF THE GOATMAN

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Interview: Joseph Oliveira | Ghost Island: Trade Paperback

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