Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s Snowblind Supernatural Action Horror Novel About The Wendigo & Survival in Snow (The Books of Jericho Book 4)

When Ethan Jericho crash lands in the mountains, he discovers Winter is Hell!

Without spoiling, we review the 232 pages Action Horror Novel Snowblind (Book 4 from The Books of Jericho Series) by the popular thriller novelist, author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, & wrestler, J.D. Oliva! Read on to know why it’s an action horror journey in a cold land which you need to experience!!


When Ethan Jericho crash lands in the mountains, he discovers Winter is Hell!

Jericho is on the hunt again, this time in Nightmute, Alaska, tracking down a former mafia hitman. But the high-priced assassin becomes hunted when he’s targeted and trapped by the FBI.

On the flight to Washington, the aircraft carrying Jericho, his would-be target, and a host of FBI agents crashes in the Canadian Rockies. Jericho and his mafia target emerge from the wreckage and make a run for it through the frozen tundra. 

Jericho was prepared to fight the harsh elements and evade the obsessed federal agent stalking him. But he wasn’t ready for what was living in the woods—an ethereal force that poisons minds and changes his target into the cannibalistic creature.

The Wendigo!

Starving, cold, and without any weapons, Jericho is forced to fight for his life in the ultimate winter hellscape.

Discover the fourth chapter in The Books of Jericho, the series called “John Wicks works the X- Files” today!

Spoiler-Free Review:-

J. D. Oliva’s 232 pages Snowblind supernatural action horror novel is set in one of the most frightening situations of being stranded in a cold forest with no sense of direction, and the danger of starvation, wolves, and the Wendigo – the beast that feeds on humans… 

Ethan Jericho, a man who avenges the death of innocent people for a price, a problem solver for many years with a legit security services business as a front. The same man who wanted to retire after almost getting killed by a werewolf in J.D. Oliva’s Harvest Moon novel but was forced to come out of retirement when he was dragged into a messy situation with a cult which caused a lot of damage to his property, and business in J.D. Oliva’s Devil’s Prayer novel. Now, trying to get back into the business, Jericho gets a job to deliver justice by ending the life of a child killer who was paroled earlier than his jail term. This makes Jericho reach Alaska where the criminal is hiding. From there, things start getting weird, and cold..    

To Jericho’s surprise, he’s confronted by the FBI agent Nashida who’s after him for the St. Louis incident where he damaged a hotel during the J.D. Oliva’s Nightcrawler novel incident. While on a plane to the US, a weirdly scary incident causes the plane to crash in the Canadian mountains. This is when it becomes one of the most difficult situations for Jericho ever. The snowy mountains have no cell phone service, and no civilization. Thus, getting back to the US or any town for that matter becomes essential for Jericho. But he’s faced with hunger, wolves, chase from the FBI agent Nashida, and also, the urban legend of the Wendigo roaming the forest at night.      

The horror novel is paced very well, and is always full of exciting events or situations as J.D. Oliva mixes action, horror, exploration of human nature, and sometimes humor to provide one of the best reading experiences for you. The origin, and story of Wendigo is explained in the most interesting, and shocking way possible. All the characters are interesting, and given equal importance by the novelist regardless of their role in the story. Horror, violence, and gore is pretty shockingly satisfying, so definitely a treat for teens and above.  

All of J. D. Oliva novels are worth reading as they’re all set in different locations, and have different interesting stories, and will help you feel more informed while reading this horror novel but even if you buy this to try out, you’ll get all the essential background info needed to make sense of everything, and everyone that’s present in this novel. It’s one of the most enjoyable horror novels you’ll read. 

In conclusion, J.D. Oliva’s Snowblind is the perfect action horror novel full of interesting characters, exciting story, terrifying Wendigo horror, and a satisfying ending which makes you look forward to what J. D. Oliva has in store for the readers in the upcoming action horror novel, Sundown which deals with the 2020 situation, and some very interesting paranormal creatures as seen in the free sample given in this horror novel. If you haven’t checked out J. D. Oliva’s novels, then we highly recommend picking this up, and if possible, read all the Books of Jericho too, and know why we consider J. D. Oliva was one of the best novelists of our modern time. 

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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

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