Interview: Joseph Oliveira | Ghost Island: Trade Paperback

After 6 successful campaigns with a few needing to re-do hence not reaching their goal. Afterlight Comics can finally add all SIX issues of there very first baby, into a Trade Paperback Edition. With that comes another Kickstarter, however it’s EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter ONLY. I’ve chatted with Joey from Afterlight Comics before with some of his previous campaigns. Now I feel it’s time to really dive into Ghost Island. So without further a do, here is my conversation with returning guest Joey Oliveira, Owner of Afterlight Comics.

Joey, welcome back! I know you’re used to chatting via Skype so I apologize for the change up. How have you been?

Hey there! Thanks so much for having me back, I always have time for you guys no matter if it’s via Skype or an online interview! I’m doing as well as you can under the circumstances we’ve all found ourselves in, in the last 12 months. Staying busy and keeping my mind active with all the projects has definitely helped not run me down.

After 6 campaigns with some issues needing a redo hence funding wasn’t reached, what is the feeling you have right now?

Yeah so it was actually Ghost Island #3 that’s been our only campaign that never originally funded. It was our 4th campaign and we were still relatively ‘new’ on the scene and we had a big goal that didn’t match up with a large enough audience that we’d have needed to reach something like that. I’m glad it happened though, it was a huge learning curve and really helped me in the campaigns moving forward of what to do and what not to do. I’m always learning and never taking things for granted, I think the moment you start doing either of those things then it starts to fall apart. I feel very fortunate to have funded 21 Kickstarter campaigns now, and the loyal readers that keep coming back to support us each and every time is just amazing.

What have been difficult obstacles that you overcome while finding the right audience and balancing your other stories?

What’s been the real plan from the start for Afterlight Comics was that we had a clear vision that we were going to be a Horror only publishing house. Which has made it easier to attract & build an audience from that starting point. If you’re a fan of Horror then all our titles should appeal.

Ghost Island just feels like a nice story to possibly do more with, which I’ve mentioned to you before. What is the plan now, is Ghost Island done? Or can we expect more from within this universe?

Ghost Island is done…for now. I would’ve loved it to be an ongoing series but on the independent scene it would be difficult to keep things going long term. But perhaps it will return in the future if the demand was there, I’d certainly love to. I’d like to see a prequel series where prehaps the ghosts are hunted and caught for the preperation of the island. Or maybe a series many years after the events of Ghost Island finished and catch up with the remaining cast there.

How many late nights did you have while conjuring up the story? Meaning did you already have the ending planned, or was it something that you later wanted after having so many issues.

All I had from the beginning was the premise, and the idea. I never actually had the ending in my head until about Issue #3/#4 simply because I wasn’t sure whether it was still going to be ongoing or not. The way I like to write is to not have an ending straight from the bat, you end up pre-determinig a lot of the sequences and scenarios then just to simply “fit the ending”. I much prefer to have my back against the wall and write my way out of situations, I believe I write my best work when I do this.

What is your favorite memorable moment from this series?

I really love the characters arriving at the Island, that’s a big moment for the story and sets the tone. I am proud of the ending though as every characters arc was wrapped up for the whole of the series and that’s not an easy thing to do with a large cast and a short 6 issue series.

If you could go back and change anything, what would it be and why?

I may have liked to have seen it in colour, even though it completely works in black & white. The artwork was always consitstently great and I was really happy that we got to keep our amazing artist Anabela Turlione through out the 3 years to complete the story.

You’re releasing the Ghost Island Paperback campaign March 1st, we also noticed it’s EXCLUSIVELY for Kickstarter. Tell us about the decision.

Kickstarter has been an amazing platform for us, and it really helps us reach a large audience. Coming back to the platform to help raise funds for the tradepaper back opens the doors to more people. Not everyone collects singles issues, nor do people buy in to issues of an uncompleted story and I completely understand that. Whilst it’ll be a fully collected 180+ page book, it will come with full remastered lettering including lots of great extra pages of back matter that will include behind the scenes/making of material adding further value to the book.

Can you tease us with any juicy details of what’s to come from Afterlight Comics in 2021?

Lots to come! Stay Awake #4 was funded earlier this year on Kickstarter and that’s due to be published in April 2021. “Hunt for the Goatman” the final chapter in the goatman trilogy is also planned for this year, as well as the final issue in the Wendigo Wood series also! Plus a few extra secrets projects in there we’re yet to reveal!

Once again Joey, thank you for your time, I hope to see more craziness coming from Afterlight Comics soon, as mentioned above it seems like it’ll be a good year for you all. On the final note, what would you like to say to everyone who has given their time to read this?

I’d like to say a big, big massive thank you! I honestly mean it. Ghost Island was one of the first books I ever wrote and it was the real spearhead to where Afterlight Comics is now. The support for Ghost Island #1 really inspired me to keep going developing, writing & publishing new material. Without that support from readers, there’s no doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t have the twenty published subsequent titles we have today.



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