Comic Review: John Carpenter’s Night Terrors: 13 Horsemen

The first original graphic novel by award-winning artist and writer Nat Jones! A bloody war rages on the back roads of rural America as outlaw biker gang, the 13 Horsemen, battle demonic forces set on consuming humanity. Trapped in a cryptic ancient prophecy and guided by an unstable, alcoholic priest, the Horsemen find themselves head to head with the hordes of hell.

Cover, Art, Story by Nat Jones
Lettering by Janice Chiang
Edited by Sandy King
Series Created by John Carpenter & Sandy King Carpenter

I personally myself have not had the pleasure of viewing Nat Jones work before, but John Carpenter Presents Night Terrors: 13 Horsemen. Had me in awe with the artwork, all creativity crafted from Nat who also wrote the story with the Lettering Master herself, Janice Chiang. I don’t think there’s a comic too big or small for Janice. Such a nice and sweet lady in person, so if you ever get a chance when the world isn’t locked down and people can live normal again. Find a con or festival or something that Janice is attending and meet her!

Now as for the 156 page graphic novel, at first without reading the description and diving right into it I first thought we were dealing with Vampires, but then I remembered the cover art with the demons and had to correct myself. But it doesn’t stop there, there’s moments where I feel like some of these “demons” are actually 30 Days of Night, Vampires… Because of their teeth, ears, facial expressions and not to mention some references that just flat out reminded me of Vampire movies or a specific scene from 30 Days of Night. Like the beginning we see the bikers find some “hot action”, just to have them turn into demons. Which my reference here came in as Dusk Till Dawn, which isn’t a bad thing. Then we get another panel with a demon with the infamous line, “There is no God.” Which comes right from the first film of 30 Days of Night, and is my favorite line/scene of that movie.

In conclusion, the artwork is spot on. Nat Jones is one talented guy and I wish him more awesome stories to come. But I guess somethings just aren’t for everyone. There is enough action, blood, nudity for some heavy mature readers, and if you like stories involving bike gangs. Then this story is definitely for you all. Now Janice is a lettering machine god in the comic world. My time with this graphic novel isn’t just filled with references, because there is some badass looking demons (which don’t remind me of vampires at all) and I like how each Chapter is another tale or “event” of what the bike gang, 13 Horsemen run into while drinking, praising and dominating on a demonic battle against a good versus evil type of way. I almost thought of this as if Sons of Anarchy fought Demons this would be the mixture.

Purchase from Storm King Comics Shop, Amazon or YOUR local comic or book shop.
John Carpenter Presents: Night Terrors: 13 Horsemen. Releases March 10th.

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