Short Film Review: NMJ Films’ Camo vs. Genevieve (2021) – Unique Horror Short Featuring Battle Full of Slasher & Possessed Doll Horror!

Without spoiling, we review NMJ Films’ Slasher Horror Short Film, “Camo vs. Genevieve” which is set to release on May 1st, 2021 as a free to watch horror short on YouTube!

Official Synopsis:

After Genevieve kills Ted Morris, she is greeted by an old foe named Camo and he is out for revenge.

As you can see, it ties with other NMJ Films shorts & Urban Fears Anthology but don’t worry, you don’t need to watch the other films to enjoy this, even though watching the other films will enhance the experience.

Spoiler-Free Review:

Filmmaker, composer, and actor Nicholas Michael Jacobs from NMJ Films has been making independent horror films that try to break the traditional horror mold, and show that art of movie making is possible even with low or no budget. The restrictions on budget and location were greatly felt by everyone in the film industry during the pandemic. This is when NMJ Films decided to make several short films, out of which, the upcoming Camo vs. Genevieve seems like the most exciting one yet. 

 The short film with the length of 3 minutes focuses on two supernatural characters called Camo, and Genevieve. Camo is a serial killer while Genevieve is a possessed doll. As per the synopsis, Camo and Genevieve face off, and then it becomes a showdown between two powerful horror entities. The action and horror both are intense. You keep wondering who will win till the end.    

The cinematography, lighting, and camera quality is professional. There is a good dark, and gritty feel to the short film which is not easy to do at home. The editing is well executed as the length, and special effects both make this short film a delight to watch. The soundtrack by Nicholas Michael Jacobs is melodious, and creepy. The overall feel of this horror short is eye catching, and great.    

In conclusion, NMJ Films’ Camo vs. Genevieve is an entertaining horror short film featuring two scary characters in an exciting showdown that’s a unique mixture of slasher horror and possessed doll horror. Releasing on NMJ Films’ YouTube channel as free to watch on May 1st 2021, this is something that will make you smile & scared! 

Check out the teaser on Instagram here, and be sure to subscribe to the NMJ Films YouTube so that you get to know when the film, “Camo vs. Genevieve” gets released on YouTube.

Official IMDb of the film Camo vs Genevieve (2021)

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