Horror Comic Review: Dark Tidings Press’ Discordia Apocrypha #1 Little Baby Blue “A Snowy Horror Tale of War & Supernatural Kindness”

Without spoiling we review, Dark Tidings Press’ Discordia: Apocrypha #1 Horror Comic Book which is full of scary visuals, snowy terrain, and yet has a sweet message in it. With more Discordia comics planned for Kickstarter in 2021, it’s a great way to dive into the intriguing and scary world of Discordia!

Official Synopsis:

Discordia Apocrypha #1 Little Baby Blue

Written by Kristopher Jerome

Art by Patrick Buermeyer

Letters by Toben Racicot

Deep in the frosted forests of Thuvograd during the height of the Concord’s war for dominance of the Odessan continent, a beast from local folklore makes its mark on a small village full of dangerous secrets.

Spoiler-Free Review:-

Discordia Apocrypha #1 is a supernatural short story situated in a war torn village and created as a beautiful yet scary 36 paged colored horror comic book. This is a story that will shake your soul.  

The story starts with a soldier’s family. A guy going with other troops while saying goodbye to his wife and a child. The situation at the village where they are living is sad. It’s cold outside, people are impoverished, and struggling to live because of the effects of war, and tyrants. The military troops are trying to kill off the paranoid creatures who are murdering humans for a reason which is revealed at the end. There’s a theme of love, betrayal, cruelty, and kindness in this story. Revelations in the end are shocking and yet satisfying.    

The story is interesting, and the pace is just perfect. The best thing about Discordia comics is that you can’t easily guess the morals of any character. There seems to be no good or bad character with each character having some sort of vice. Then there’s a strange twist which would pleasantly surprise those who love paranormal creatures. Illustrations and writing combine to create emotions in the most unlikely places to be expected in the cold cruel world of Discordia.

Discordia comics are beautifully brutal in their art style. That is something which their fans love. It’s a signature style which makes the illustrations look like artwork made on scrolls. Lettering is neat and writing is what keeps things going strong till the end. There’s blood, gore, mature suggestive themes, drug themes, and themes of death. Definitely a comic book for a mature audience who would appreciate the multiple layers of philosophy behind every comic page.    

In conclusion, Discordia Apocrypha #1 is a scary, entertaining, and thought provoking horror comic book which makes you look forward to the next part coming to Kickstarter in 2021. If you’re looking for a horror comic that’s full of great visuals, has an alternative World War II theme, and an intense horror, you will love this comic! 

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More about the world featured in the horror comic-

What is Discordia?

Discordia is the name given to the continent of Odessa that was formerly controlled by the Concord, a fascist empire that united the people of Odessa against the monsters that plagued their world. After its mysterious downfall, reality seemed to shift in the provinces of the Concord, leading to even more horrific monstrosities than ever existed before.

The Setting

The Continent of Odessa, map by Ralaris Maps

For this series, we wanted a fully fleshed out secondary world like you would expect in an epic fantasy series, but for horror!

Each country/province has its own history, unique monsters, and level of involvement with the war against the Concord. Think of Odessa as a fictional Europe/Asia before and during WWII from a technological and political standpoint. Some of the countries were democratic republics, some monarchies; but none were safe from the rise of fascism in the country of Thuvograd which lead to the Concord.

The continent of Odessa had long been plagued by monsters of all varieties, from vampires, werewolves and witches, to krakens in the sea. It was using this fear that the Concord was able to rally people to its cause, channeling their fear against the two inhuman races of Odessa, the Shyxx, and the Ghobatons (Scabs).

After years of war, the Concord had conquered all nations save one: the Kingdom of Alventi. Then alien monstrosities descended from the skies bringing with them a plague, and within months the Concord collapsed.

The main series of Discordia will take place 35 years after the fall of the Concord as a group of characters try to navigate the horrors of Discordia!

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