Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s Sundown – “Scary & Action-Packed Modern Post Pandemic Vampire Horror Novel” (The Books of Jericho Vol 5)

Without spoiling, we review the 390 pages Action Horror Novel Sundown (Book 5 from The Books of Jericho Series) by the popular thriller novelist, author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, & wrestler, J.D. Oliva! Check out the Amazon Page here!! (FREE Sample / Look Inside Available)


Over the years, Jericho thought he’d seen and fought it all—werewolves, wendigos, and doomsday cults—but now he finds himself face-to-face with a vampire.

Still reeling from his escape from the FBI, Jericho’s called in to investigate a mysterious death with no leads but millions of witnesses: an Instagram model murdered during her own live stream.

Along with reporter Dana O’Brien, Jericho uncovers an even more horrific side to the model’s murder—a demonic coven run by the vampire lord. And the spotlight Dana and Jericho are shining has turned them into the cult’s next target.

What are the Books of Jericho?

The Books of Jericho Series

 What if John Wick worked on The X-Files?

The Books of Jericho series spins off after the shocking conclusion of Harvest Moon. These stories focus on Harvest Moon’s breakout character, Ethan Jericho. Jericho is a modern-day ronin—an international assassin whose work often puts him in conflict with the supernatural.

In these four books, Jericho uncovers a conspiracy of a reptilian invasion, battles a doomsday cult for the missing pages of the Devil’s Bible, hunts for a serial killing mind-control worm, and is trapped in the icy tundra on the run from the savage Wendigo

Spoiler-Free Review:-

  Novelist J.D. Oliva is not just an author but a filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, and crowdfunding expert with 5 successful Kickstarters done. Such experience in work and life make all of his novels enriched with wisdom, perfect description of real life places, and accurate fighting sequences. With the novel live on Amazon (Check out the Amazon Page here!! -FREE Sample / Look Inside Available), this review will tell you why it’s an action adventure modern 2020 pandemic vampire horror story unlike anything you have read before….   

Ethan Jericho is the main protagonist of this book, and he’s a man of principles. He was featured in many novels of J.D. Oliva and has multiple layers of personality. He is a problem solver for people, and the expert security system guy who makes sure that all of his clients have the best security at their places. Due to COVID-19 and many outrageous events happened in the past novels, his legal and not so legal business – both were affected badly. Despite that, he’s a boss who is not ready to lay off any of his employees even though the finances are not looking good as per his manager, Rich Weaver handling all the operations of the legit business of Cherry Vale Security at Colorado Springs, CO, USA. Jericho is looking for some work and trying to make the ends meet, that is when he knows about a guy who gave his name to the FBI, and which caused a lot of stress in the Snowblind novel. Jericho decides to pay him a visit to know what else he knows, and why he did it. When he reaches that person’s home, he faces a supernatural creature which he only saw in fiction and Castlevania games… Vampires…   

Meanwhile, the situation of pandemic is well described by the novelist JD Oliva, with businesses closed, and fear rising all over the world. As health become a priority, fitness influencers on social media, especially on Instagram gained popularity along with health product manufacturers. This is when we get to know about Ricky Scars, who’s an Instagram fitness influencer getting paid to post photos of health supplements while also illegally using a local gym to post workout videos despite the Governor’s orders to close down the gyms due to the pandemic. Things were running smoothly but it all goes wrong when a female fitness influencer is murdered while on a livestream and her photos with Ricky makes him the prime suspect in the eye of the law enforcement. However, the body of that girl is never found, so her parents still think that she’s missing. The same event becomes the reason for an old protagonist to make an appearance…..   

We then get introduced to the second protagonist of the novel, Dana O’Brien, once a freelancer journalist with some popular stories describing the events occurring in the novels Harvest Moon, and Devil’s Prayer, she is in a bad shape in terms of health and career, thanks to the concussions that she suffered while fighting a cult. Her uncle Joe Whiteside visits her to tell her about the murder of the Instagram influencer, and wants her to cover the story because it has a connection to a scary incident he experienced decades ago which was his first experience with a cult. We learn about his experience through his own words titled as a chapter called “The Ballad of an Average Joe”  which feels like a cool vintage movie full of suspense, thrills, survival, and horror of getting trapped in a cult headquarters. While we get to know more about the cult and Dana’s uncle Joe, Jericho connects with Dana and uncle Joe through a phone call which starts their hunt to know more about the modern cult behind the murders and disappearances.    

If you’ve been as unfortunate as me to be ever contacted by some oil selling pyramid scheme company, or at least heard of it, then J.D. Oliva’s description of the Vivocare company will make you laugh throughout the novel. It’s a health supplement company that sells health products through Multi Level Marketing (MLM) systems that make people buy products in bulk, then sell them to people they know, and also try to bring as many people as possible into the company as salespersons. That’s usually how MLM works, and this is no different but the biggest problem for the company was the Instagram influencer murder scandal which didn’t get as much media attention due to the outbreak taking the prime time space but still it made the boss, Sean Castor and his lawyer Ms. Elizabeth Thayor worried. They both run the company like a family. Selling pills that make people feel better and curing wounds. The connection with an old cult responsible for horrifying things is something that was found by Dana and she let Jericho know about it, so to investigate, they both ventured to the headquarters but Dana went first as a reporter. This is when the fun starts…. 

    As Dana and Jericho both investigate the incidents and the company itself, we get to know more about the company and the characters. The best thing about the storytelling of J.D. Oliva is that his writing always helps us to imagine the situations and characters easily. J.D. Oliva is good at keeping secrets till the time is right, and we never see any big twists coming. This isn’t a predictable vampire horror story but something that keeps you guessing about the morals of every character and anticipate the outcome of every situation.     

The novel never feels boring because the pace of the story is pretty fast, and the story is based in the present time during the 2020 lockdown in the US and before the vaccine was available. The language is easy to understand, and strong language is only used when necessary. There are no suggestive themes but there’s a lot of horror and action so it’s definitely for mature readers. There’s some great humor added through references to real life brands, situational comedy, describing habits in a funny way (Like how elder people use social media or technology, especially, adorable uncle Joe Whiteside), and through funny dialogues which always feel perfect. J.D. Oliva has given enough importance to all characters, whether major or minor. Vivocare Scientist Charles, Dana’s cat Kurtis, Gym owner Guerrero brothers – Eddie & Pedro,  and some surprise appearances by characters from previous novels are all delightful additions to the novel. A cool unlikely alliance near the end is what takes the action horror to an over the top level. The novel ends on a high note with a great feeling of satisfaction and a glimpse of what’s in store for action horror fans in future.      

In conclusion, J.D. Oliva’s supernatural action horror novel Sundown is a modern vampire horror story that’s scary, enjoyable, action-packed and often funny when you least expect it. It’s not just an exploration of vampire horror but also life during the lockdown of 2020. It’s the best work of J.D. Oliva yet and it definitely shows on each page. With 390 pages full of entertainment and action, this is a must buy for anyone interested in a book which is so good that you’ll not stop reading it till it’s finished. Check out the Amazon Page here!! (FREE Sample / Look Inside Available)

Check out the Amazon Page here!! (FREE Sample / Look Inside Available). It was a successful and popular well funded project on the Kickstarter (May 2021)!

News- Novelist J.D. Oliva Provides Early Access To Supernatural Thrillers SUNDOWN & The Book of Warlock Through Kickstarter Ending on May 11th!


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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

J.D. Oliva Official website

J.D. Oliva’s FaceBook

J.D. Oliva’s Instagram

J.D. Oliva’s Twitter

J.D. Oliva’s BookBub

J.D. Oliva’s Amazon Page

J.D. Oliva’s Rakuten Kobo e-Books List

J.D. Oliva’s message to readers about the Kickstarter-

I’ve had a few people ask me why I’m bringing this to Kickstarter and not just the traditional Amazon route. I’ll be completely transparent here. A lot of it is financially motivated, but there are also things you can do with Kickstarter that creators can’t do with Amazon. I think there is also a lack of understanding of what Kickstarter does.

Kickstarter is not GoFundMe. I’m not asking anyone to pay me to create a book. The books are finished. Kickstarter, just like Amazon, is a sales platform. There are major differences, though. A Kickstarter campaign is limited, while Amazon can sell something forever. On Amazon, an author gets 70% of every sale. On Kickstarter, it’s 90%.

In the independent comics world, Kickstarter is the lifeblood that’s redefined the medium. It’s also a multimillion-dollar business. Keanu Reeves launched a comics Kickstarter last fall and made over $1 million. In the fiction space, it’s not nearly as big. There aren’t many authors trying to anything like this. I think they’re shortsighted. Brandon Sanderson figured it out

What makes Kickstarter cool is it’s really about serving creators, where Amazon exists to benefit consumers. There’s nothing wrong with either. My books aren’t leaving Amazon. But as far as launching a brand new title into the world, nothing beats the exposure that Kickstarter gives a creator. I can say this from experience, comparing launching Harvest Moon on Amazon and relaunching it on Kickstarter.

The best part of being involved with Kickstarter, and this will be my fourth campaign, is how the company lets you create an event around your book. It’s also a great way to reach out to brand new readers who don’t shop on Amazon. What better way can I grow this business?

With the various support levels, a reader can either grab the book or purchase the entire catalog. We also offer some really fun interactive rewards that you can’t get with Amazon. Like an exclusive sketch of Ethan Jericho himself from artist Richard Clark, who painted the beautiful Harvest Moon cover.

We also offer a chance for readers to get involved in the book itself directly. One of the most successful rewards we had on Harvest Moon was “become a victim of the werewolf.” Two people had themselves worked into the book as characters (ones who met very gory ends!). We’re bringing that reward back this time, and one person has already told me they want in on that offer! Luckily, we have three more spots available.

If you’ve never supported a Kickstarter campaign before, I want to know that this a trustworthy platform. The only difference here is that when you get your ebook/paperback, you’ll be getting it directly from me rather than a third party.


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