FRIGHTLAND: The Wildman of Shaggy Creek -Book #1 (Review)

Something lives in the woods behind Scott’s new house. It’s big, it’s hairy, and it smells worse than a dead skunk in the rain. When Scott accepts a dare to camp in the woods all night, Hailey is the only friend who will help him. But Scott doesn’t really believe in the creature lurking along Shaggy Creek—it’s just a story, right?

  • Written by R.H. Grimly
  • Cover Art by Tim Jacobus / Illustrations by David Romero
  • Approx. 120 pages


Scott, is a twelve year old boy that just moved into a new house with his family. Known to live in the woods previously where he once lived must have been fair and easy. Not having to worry about a place where stepping in the woods could mean, never returning. “The Wildman of Shaggy Creek” is a perfect example of the old 90’s style kid horror stories that we all read underneath a blanket with a flashlight.

Hailey a local girl that happened to introduce herself, seems to appreciate Scott. While showing and teaching him the things he shouldn’t and what are specific things, meaning showing him what are fire ants, Kudzu vines. It’s a start to a great friendship, I mean we all need someone when it’s about to go down. When you don’t smell something nice in the air, it’s that time to turn and don’t look back. However once you smell it, can it smell you since you were there? Beware the Woods…

From the moment you start reading, it’s like glue. You don’t want to put it down, I mean it’s like a nostalgic feeling for us adults. Who grew up with stuff such as Goosebumps, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and more. It’s just the right amount of creepiness and language of the words that draws you in. Not to mention we see the amazing cover art that is Tim Jacobus, that should be a “shut up and take my money!” moment right there! And because FRIGHTLAND is being crowdfunded, we have David Romero that will be giving us some spectacular illustrations that will really bring the Wildman to life.

In conclusion, book #1 of FRIGHTLAND seems to be the NEW spooks for kids and adults, it’s great to finally be able to find a new series that feels and looks like the golden days of when we as adults were young. While it helps introduce younger audiences to the spooky realm that acts and feels like the beloved franchise we all know today (Goosebumps). I am honestly looking forward to what Barde Press has in stores for future stories and other creepy crawlers up there sleeves.


That sound you hear upstairs… the chill running up your spine… the creature coming straight for you…

Welcome to FRIGHTLAND, a scary new middle-grade series inspired by the classic books we grew up on, featuring covers by artists like genre poster creator Flavio Greco Paglia and original 90’s Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus.  


Books So Far

  • #1 The Wildman of Shaggy Creek
  • #2 Why I Don’t Sleep on Feather Beds
  • #3 The Bones at the Bottom of the Lake
  • #4 Donut Shop of Doom

R.H. Grimly was born with a fortunately sinister name. He grew up on GoosebumpsWait Till Helen Comes, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and has one goal: to get kids excited to read, and scare them silly while doing it (okay, that’s two goals). 

Tim Jacobus is the mastermind behind every book cover you loved as a kid. If you’ve read GoosebumpsSpine TinglersBone Chillers, or a plethora of other spooky titles, you know Tim’s work.  Tim currently resides in New Jersey. 

David Romero draws stuff that nightmares are made of. Like really scary stuff.  Like don’t-send-your-kids-over-there-’cause-they-will-have-nightmares stuff.  He’s doing illustrations for The Wildman of Shaggy Creek.  Please don’t hate us, parents. 

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