Book Review: FRIGHTLAND #2 : Why I Don’t Sleep on Feather Beds “Enjoyable, Intriguing & Thrilling Horror Book for All Ages”

Without spoiling we review the horror book for all ages, “Frightland #2 Why I Don’t Sleep On Feather Beds” by Barde Press. Written by R.H. Grimly / Cover Art by Flavio Greco Paglia / Illustrations by Daniel Brown. It’s an intriguing, enjoyable and thrilling book for all ages which can be grabbed from the Kickstarter page live now till Fri, May 21 2021 9:59 AM UTC +04:00.


FRIGHTLAND #2 Why I Don’t Sleep On Feather Beds

Gavin and his sister Torrie aren’t thrilled to be staying at Great Aunt Ethel’s farm. It’s in the middle of nowhere, Aunt Ethel is a little weird, and Gavin is forced to sleep on an old, lumpy feather bed.  Then Gavin discovers something worse: the lumps are moving. Torrie thinks he’s just crazy—there’s no way something’s alive inside the mattress—until the lumps begin to hatch…
Written by R.H. Grimly / Cover Art by Flavio Greco Paglia / Illustrations by Daniel Brown

 Approx. 125 pages

Spoiler-Free Review:

  Frightland Horror books are among the best books to introduce horror to children in a safe way. Horror is like comedy. It’s an essential emotion to be felt regardless of age but the violence and gore is something that we don’t want the children to read. When a child is swinging or going down the slide or reading a story about a knight fighting dragons, that child is experiencing the thrills of the horror genre. It’s that simple, and doesn’t have to always involve ghosts or terrible things we adults enjoy about horror. 

Frightland comics amplify the fear we have about the unknown places, unknown people, and strange situations.  Like Kickstarter says, these books are not just good for children but for adults as well because the writing style is professional, and intriguing. The language is easy to understand for children but the writing style appeals to the adults too due to the well crafted sentences. We reviewed and loved Frightland #1 book, and now we are going to review Frightland #2 which is like an enjoyable read of a visit to a scary grandma’s house in a strange place from a 12 years old child’s perspective.   

The horror book focuses on a family of four. The protagonist is a 12 years old boy called Gavin, his 16 years old sister, and their parents. Together, they’re going to the house of the siblings’ grandmother which doesn’t seem like a big deal at first but as we get to know more about the place where it’s located, we see why the protagonist is afraid…    The description of everything happening, and of everyone involved in the story is told from the perspective of Gavin. The book has the professional writing style of a novel but still maintains the friendly and relatable “diary” like feel to the storytelling as we get to know everything from Gavin’s thoughts. The story takes place in the present time so there are references to smartphones, and other things to add interesting storytelling elements and often to add humor.  The best thing about the book is that even the simplest things of journey or some place has been told in such a way that it feels cinematic and scary.  The dialogues are well placed and there’s rarely anything added as a filler. The story keeps getting interesting as you progress and giving you small chunks of information as the pages turn. As the story progresses, we get to know about the place and things start becoming more interesting!

In conclusion, Frightland 2 is an enjoyable, intriguing, and thrilling read for all ages. It’s among the best books to introduce the horror genre to children and as an adult, it’s among the most well made books out there. Highly recommended to add into your collection. Give yourself (or your child) a treat and grab this book from the creators directly by checking out the Kickstarter campaign today!! 


That sound you hear upstairs… the chill running up your spine… the creature coming straight for you…

Welcome to FRIGHTLAND, a scary new middle-grade series inspired by the classic books we grew up on, featuring covers by artists like genre poster creator Flavio Greco Paglia and original 90’s Goosebumps artist Tim Jacobus.  


Books So Far

R.H. Grimly was born with a fortunately sinister name. He grew up on GoosebumpsWait Till Helen Comes, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and has one goal: to get kids excited to read, and scare them silly while doing it (okay, that’s two goals). 

Flavio Greco Paglia is a pop-culture influenced genre illustrator and poster artist, who does awesome images for movies and film festivals (specifically horror, fantasy, and sci-fi). He hails from Buenos Aires.

Daniel Brown is a fantastic artist who draws on good old-fashioned paper with real ink. His subject matter is varied, but we of course love his spooky stuff the best.  He’s doing illustrations for Why I Don’t Sleep On Feather Beds


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