Novelist J.D. Oliva Provides Early Access To Supernatural Thrillers SUNDOWN Special Edition & The Book of Warlock Through Kickstarter Ending on May 11th!

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has brought two new books to make your reading experience awesome and the best thing is, you will be getting those thriller novels months before they officially release on Amazon! With a track record of 3 successful Kickstarters, and now this 4th one also reaching the funding goal, and smashing stretch goals, your support on the trustworthy Kicktstarter platform means guaranteed novels to you directly from the novelist, J. D. Oliva! Along with those novels, there are many more benefits listed on the Kickstarter page.

Let’s jump into the details about the novels!

What are the Books of Jericho?

The Books of Jericho Series

 What if John Wick worked on The X-Files?

The Books of Jericho series spins off after the shocking conclusion of Harvest Moon. These stories focus on Harvest Moon’s breakout character, Ethan Jericho. Jericho is a modern-day ronin—an international assassin whose work often puts him in conflict with the supernatural.

In these four books, Jericho uncovers a conspiracy of a reptilian invasion, battles a doomsday cult for the missing pages of the Devil’s Bible, hunts for a serial killing mind-control worm, and is trapped in the icy tundra on the run from the savage Wendigo

Synopsis of SUNDOWN Novel:-

Over the years, Jericho thought he’d seen and fought it all—werewolves, wendigos, and doomsday cults—but now he finds himself face-to-face with a vampire.

Still reeling from his escape from the FBI, Jericho’s called in to investigate a mysterious death with no leads but millions of witnesses: an Instagram model murdered during her own live stream.

Along with reporter Dana O’Brien, Jericho uncovers an even more horrific side to the model’s murder—a demonic coven run by the vampire lord. And the spotlight Dana and Jericho are shining has turned them into the cult’s next target.

Our Review- Book Review: J.D. Oliva’s Sundown – “Scary & Action-Packed Modern Post Pandemic Vampire Horror Novel” (The Books of Jericho Vol 5)


About The Book of Warlock-

The explosive follow-up picks up right where SUNDOWN leaves off. Click the link to watch the trailer.

It’s “X-Men meets the Purge” in the latest entry into the Books of Jericho!

The US Military has finally developed the perfect weapon and it’s gone missing.

Desperate, they reach out assassin Ethan Jericho to take out the man responsible: Crawford Lockhart.

Fifteen years ago, Jericho knew Lockhart by another name—Warlock. As Jericho’s former mentor, they were an inseparable team until Jericho ruined it all. Now, Jericho faces a heart-wrenching offer: kill Warlock, and the government will clear his record.

But when Jericho confronts his old friend, he discovers Warlock’s weapon is a five-year-old girl blessed with an unholy ability. And worse, Jericho isn’t the only one tracking them down.

Now Jericho finds himself in a race against a band of genetically engineered killers looking for a weapon of their own. Can Jericho keep the child safe before she falls into the wrong hands?

J.D. Oliva’s message to readers about the Kickstarter-

I’ve had a few people ask me why I’m bringing this to Kickstarter and not just the traditional Amazon route. I’ll be completely transparent here. A lot of it is financially motivated, but there are also things you can do with Kickstarter that creators can’t do with Amazon. I think there is also a lack of understanding of what Kickstarter does.

Kickstarter is not GoFundMe. I’m not asking anyone to pay me to create a book. The books are finished. Kickstarter, just like Amazon, is a sales platform. There are major differences, though. A Kickstarter campaign is limited, while Amazon can sell something forever. On Amazon, an author gets 70% of every sale. On Kickstarter, it’s 90%.

In the independent comics world, Kickstarter is the lifeblood that’s redefined the medium. It’s also a multimillion-dollar business. Keanu Reeves launched a comics Kickstarter last fall and made over $1 million. In the fiction space, it’s not nearly as big. There aren’t many authors trying to anything like this. I think they’re shortsighted. Brandon Sanderson figured it out

What makes Kickstarter cool is it’s really about serving creators, where Amazon exists to benefit consumers. There’s nothing wrong with either. My books aren’t leaving Amazon. But as far as launching a brand new title into the world, nothing beats the exposure that Kickstarter gives a creator. I can say this from experience, comparing launching Harvest Moon on Amazon and relaunching it on Kickstarter.

The best part of being involved with Kickstarter, and this will be my fourth campaign, is how the company lets you create an event around your book. It’s also a great way to reach out to brand new readers who don’t shop on Amazon. What better way can I grow this business?

With the various support levels, a reader can either grab the book or purchase the entire catalog. We also offer some really fun interactive rewards that you can’t get with Amazon. Like an exclusive sketch of Ethan Jericho himself from artist Richard Clark, who painted the beautiful Harvest Moon cover.

We also offer a chance for readers to get involved in the book itself directly. One of the most successful rewards we had on Harvest Moon was “become a victim of the werewolf.” Two people had themselves worked into the book as characters (ones who met very gory ends!). We’re bringing that reward back this time, and one person has already told me they want in on that offer! Luckily, we have three more spots available.

If you’ve never supported a Kickstarter campaign before, I want to know that this a trustworthy platform. The only difference here is that when you get your ebook/paperback, you’ll be getting it directly from me rather than a third party.


Click here to visit the Kickstarter crowdfunding page and reserve your copies today!! Kickstarter available until Tue, May 11 2021 4:59 AM UTC +00:00.


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Connect with J.D. Oliva:

Author, comic writer, filmmaker, podcaster, wrestler, J.D. Oliva has worn a lot of hats. His books include Hawk Hallow, Harvest Moon and the supernatural thriller series, The Books of Jericho. His comics, including Delgue, Red Sunrise and Shunned have won multiple awards. A co-host of the Superhero Speak podcast series, he’s also writes about professional wrestling in his free time.

J.D. Oliva Official website

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J.D. Oliva’s Amazon Page

J.D. Oliva’s Rakuten Kobo e-Books List


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