Goosebumps Slappyworld: Slappy Birthday to You! #1 [Book Review]

A brand new Goosebumps arc narrated by the most iconic and evil character of the series, Slappy! The evil dummy comes to life to tell his own twisted tales and scary stories! It’s bad enough Ian Barker has to spend his twelfth birthday with his sister and their two annoying cousins. The four of them can’t ever hang out without getting into trouble. Vinnie and Jonny always want to play with Ian’s stuff. They take extra turns and break everything they touch. Even Ian’s new birthday presents are up for grabs. But when Ian gets a Slappy dummy from his dad, things go from bad to worse. When Slappy’s in charge, you don’t fight over him, he fights over you!


Slappy returns with his own world of screams, “that you only scream in it.” With different tales to satisfy the hunger of what was Goosebumps. And I’m talking for those original readers, typically since we’ve all grown up, or have we?

What makes these new stories more entertaining, is the audiobook versions. With narrations of the books protagonist while Joe Fria, voices Slappy the Dummy. So we had narrator Lucien Dodge in the first tale of what has become Slappyworld.

In this tale Slappy returns with a birthday party, the father who fixes dolls to be resold kept Slappy because the sender had no return address. However upon fixing him up and the children saying the six magic words, brought Slappy the Dummy back to life. With Slappy pausing the story for intermissions with jokes and puns, it’s a nice taste of why Goosebumps remains a strong universe with loveable frightening characters.

Vinnie and Jonny also want to have a chance to use Slappy, however Ian isn’t giving up his birthday gift easily. Soon enough though both Vinnie and Jonny will realize that Slappy is trouble, you don’t want to upset him now do we? Slappy is equipped with his own disgusting “slime” that can leave burns. But how will Ian stop Slappy? And will Vinnie and Jonny become Slappy’s slaves?

In conclusion of the first Goosebumps Slappyworld novel from R.L. Stine is just what the original readers will love and adore if listening to the audiobook version, Joe Fria just brings Slappy to life. While Lucien Dodge brings Ian, Vinnie, Jonny and everyone else involved to life. With rich speaking that isn’t too much sounding like their mouth is by the microphone. I personally would recommend listening to the audiobook, however getting your hands on the book is just as fun. But it feels more TV Series feel when you listen.




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