Goosebumps Slappyworld: I Am Slappy’s Evil Twin #3 [Book Review]

A brand new Goosebumps arc narrated by the most iconic and evil character of the series, Slappy! Luke Harrison’s dad makes horror movies. It’s very fun to be around such scary stuff-especially when you have your own monster museum at home. But when two ventriloquist dummies join the collection, things get real creepy. Real-life creepy! Slappy and Snappy can walk and talk on their own. And they can make you scream on their own. They have a plan to make everyone’s lives miserable. Will Luke be able to stop this terrible twin twosome?


Everlasting Hauntings has returned for another tale that “you only scream in.” Thanks to the universe that is Slappyworld. Now it’s back to Slappy resurrecting to cause more chaos than before. But this time, he won’t be alone for the ride.

We start by getting introduced to Lukes family, and how his father creates his horror Horror films. He’s known for a few titles that are suggested by Luke and explains that he’s prepping for his next film. Which includes two dummy’s, one being Slappy and another Snappy.

Apparently his father paid a hefty Penny for the dummies and after the shooting of his next project. He was then going to sell them off to collectors that have had a eye on them. Slappy once again coming out and doing intermissions, which seems to be the Slappyworld thing. Whether the story has him in it or not. I’ve learned since it’s his universe, he introduces the story while coming back for puns and jokes.

Luke and his friend who were suppose to be starring in the film, which thanks to Slappy have backfired. While Snappy seems to be the nicer one out of the two. Snappy seems to stick up for the boys, while trying to put Slappy in his place. But without fighting. However Slappy has his own plan for Luke’s father who is gonna separate them, when both Slappy and Snappy have been together for a long time.

In conclusion of R.L. Stine “I Am Slappy’s Evil Twin” tale. It’s a nice touch to the whole. “Parents don’t believe their children until the time comes.” I liked how we had a back-story to Slappy and Snappy’s creation, which tells exactly how old both dummy’s actually are. It’s like a horror movie within a horror tale. I couldn’t recommend this one as much as I am. It was fun and cool, while Luke tries to tell his folks there’s in fact something wrong.




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