STAY AWAKE #4 [Comic Review]

In the final chapter of the series, a psychologist must reach into the darkest depths of his mind to escape his reality.

Previous reviews… SA#1 | SA#2 | SA#3


As we enter the finale of STAY AWAKE from Afterlight Comics can Dr. Banks. From the past three issues, we have witnessed past patients that have died under strange circumstances under the care of him. While a police officer came in to understand each case, by bringing in folders and picking Banks brain.

Dr. Banks has been housed in a psychological hospital because of his blackouts and more. In the final issue we find Banks having a hard time accepting help. While the main doctor is taking precautions to help Banks get rid of the visions. Each night he has others eavesdropping on him, reporting his pleas (talking to himself, suicide attempts).

As the hallucinations become more and more frequent, banks starts to piece the puzzle together. However it seems the doctors of the ward have other plans, which Joey and his team bring us to a nice twist of a ending. Just like the finale of Ghost Island, I would have to say… I hope it pleases the readers.

In conclusion of Joey finally putting a long dusted script to light. I hope we can see more of the world that is Afterlight Comics. However I feel the ending will really start to peel off layers of how some of the writing is done. And that’s putting it with a tied bow, as much as I liked it. I had to remember it was an old script as well. And does Dr. Banks succeed? Remember STAY AWAKE is a perfect short title of what is, sleep paralysis. Can you fall asleep? And remember that if you haven’t gotten the single issues, stay tuned for the STAY AWAKE Complete Trade Edition coming to Kickstarter.


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