Goosebumps Slappyworld: The Ghost of Slappy #6 [Book Review]

Ghosts are everywhere. Shep Mooney knows this is true. That’s because he has a ghost of his own. She lives in his basement and always shows up there to scare him when he goes down there. But Shep is about to have bigger problems. When the world’s most evil ventriloquist dummy shows up, the real fun starts — well, fun for Slappy. Home isn’t safe, and now school isn’t either! Will Shep be able to survive the most powerful version of Slappy yet?


Shep who is literally afraid of possibly his own shadow, hates hikes, overnighters, and the outdoors in general has to brave one night in the woods with the class. The Teacher thinks it’s funny to try scaring his students with Slappy as the bus driver, however one student didn’t seem to care that she shook Slappy’s hand. I mean nothing could go wrong with Slappy in the driver seat right? Uh no….. bad idea.

As Shep tries to figure out how to return Slappy, since he was originally placed by Shep’s enemy (Bully). Because they thought it was a riot to place him in his bag to bring home, and if that wasn’t the worst of it. Shep’s sister awakens Slappy with the six magical words. If only anyone with/around Slappy understands that he is ancient.

After breaking Slappy’s face, which eventually “killed” him. Slappy has now become even more scarier, or at least much worse to have as Slappy than just his regular body. Now that’s a clever idea and something new for Slappy, however I feel the narration isn’t the strong suit for audiobook, as the narrators voice is quite deep for voicing Slappy’s line that it doesn’t sound quite right even though the protagonist has a high sounding voice. And this is also the first tale that doesn’t have intermissions with Slappy, so no jokes or puns from Joe Fria before continuing the story.

In conclusion as much as I do appreciate what R.L. Stine brings into the universe of Slappyworld. However, The Ghost of Slappy isn’t that scary even though the other ghost. Annalee, is the real deal. Ghosts linger, and they try to reach out to help. But Shep isn’t gonna like having multiple ghosts, and yet again Slappy is having a ball. I also believe this tale might be the weakest tale so far. It took 2 hours (audiobook) before the situation of how Slappy becomes a Ghost is done, within that with a hour left of story. It doesn’t take long for the conclusion with the interesting plot twist.




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