Afterlight Comics’ “SECTION VII | Cases Of The Strange & Unnatural” Thriller Graphic Novel LIVE On Kickstarter till June 3rd! Claim your copy today!

(Cover by Robert Adler)

Explore a collection of case files based on the experiences of detectives encountering the unexplained.

AfterLight Comics, the famous independent comic brand from the UK has created a new thrilling graphic novel featuring thrills of detective novels, scares of horror comics, and the signature storytelling which is loved by the fans of AfterLight Comics. Called- SECTION VII – The Graphic Novel, along with other rewards are available through the secure & popular Kickstarter crowdfunding platform!

The Kickstarter is live and you can reserve your rewards till- Thursday, 3 June 2021, 6:00 pm (UK Time) / 9:00 PM UTC +04:00. Click Here to visit the Kickstarter! It has reached its funding target, and is smashing the stretch goals! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Official information from the Kickstarter-

What is SECTION VII Cases of the Strange & Unnatural?

SECTION VII is a 164 -page perfect-bound Thriller/Horror Graphic Novel published by Afterlight Comics. In 1962, the People’s Republic of Poland, a new unit is established within the SB structures, Department VII, Department 4. A secret group that, in the rationalized world of Poland at that time, is tasked with dealing with paranormal phenomena. 


The collection of six case files are based on the experiences of detectives encountering the unexplained. Each case file is at least twenty-four pages.

The detectives face the dead, supernatural,  and the truly bizarre as the investigations they undertake are based on real events that took place in Poland and take place in real places.

 CASE #4 file preview – DEAD WATER 

Wrocław is cut off from the country by a sanitary cordon due to the epidemic of smallpox. In fact, the Security Service wants to hide the chemical explosion at a nearby Soviet military base. Meanwhile, in a village near Wrocław, the members of Department 7 have to deal with the epidemic and its carriers – and survive!


1957. Helena Kwiatkowska mourns her deceased husband, an officer in the Polish army. Without him, as a gypsy, there is nothing to look for in Warsaw. She decides to join the rolling stock that she abandoned years ago. Ghosts follow her footsteps – those she seeks and those who want to hurt her…

 Single issues of Section VII were published in 2018 – 2020 in their original language of Polish. This is the first time that these stories are being collected in a perfect-bound book and translated into the English language for an even wider audience to enjoy. The only remaining stage left of production is translating the scripts to English and lettering the book.

And many more rewards await you!! Check out the Kickstarter from the link below:-

Grab your copy & other rewards by reserving through Kickstarter support! Click here! (Available till June 3rd 2021, 9:00 PM UTC +04:00.)

About AfterLight Comics-

AfterLight Comics is an Independent Horror Comics Publisher based in Wales, United Kingdom. Established by Writer/Founder Joseph Oliveira in late 2017.

We’ve published over a dozen Horror Comic titles including Folk-Horror Series Wendigo Wood, Supernatural Horror Ghost Island, Psychological Horror Stay AwakeRise of the Goatman and more…

We believe we hold the candlelight for all of your Horror Comic reading needs🕯️

We’ve run 22 Kickstarter campaigns to date.

Joseph Oliveira :-

Wales, UK

BAFTA Nominated Writer & Editor at AfterLight Comics, An Independent Horror Comics Publishing House. Funded 22 Kickstarters to date. Our Titles Include, GHOST ISLAND•FOLKTALES OF THE CRYPTIDS•WENDIGO WOOD•STAY AWAKE•RISE OF THE GOATMAN•BIRTH OF THE GOATMAN

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