Horror Comic Review: Discordia A Bloody Business by Dark Tidings Press “War, Analysis of Human Behavior & Supernatural Thrills”

Without spoiling we review the horror comic book, Discordia- A Bloody Business, which is full of thrills, action, lessons about human behavior, trust, and features an enjoyable story!

Spoiler-Free Review:-

 Discordia A Bloody Business is an action horror comic book which shows humans and non humans (scabs/mutated humans) now working together in some cases to fight a common supernatural enemy. This is a unique comic because it not only shows the horror aspect of survival but also trust dynamics of a team.  

 The horror comic starts in situation where there’s a non human prisoner along with 2 human troops who are traveling to a location but get ambushed by supernatural creatures en route. The dialogues are light hearted yet take a serious turn often when the situation becomes intense. The best thing about the horror comic is that it shows how judging someone based on the appearance leads to bad decisions. Even though this comic has situations about humans and non humans, I could feel that we can interpret it as a way of saying that discrimination in any form is wrong. What the comic writers do with the ending seems like a good justice, and while it’s not the best case scenario, it feels thrilling and satisfying once the comic is over.    

Discordia horror comics have a unique art style which feels like paintings on a scroll but this one feels more close to the true modern horror comic as the overall feel of “blood” and military theme is evident through the use of rusty red, and sunset sky in the comic. The feel is distinct and makes the comic memorable and stand out not only from other Discordia Comics but also from other comics. The lettering is done neatly, which is helped by the perfect writing. There’s violence, blood, and some strong language so it’s definitely for mature audience.   

In conclusion, Discordia A Bloody Business is an action horror Comic that is a great story of team dynamics that is fun, action packed, and thrilling! Be sure to follow Discordia Comics on Twitter to know about their current and future projects! Contact them for more information about this unique one shot Discordia comic!

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More about the world featured in the horror comic-

What is Discordia?

Discordia is the name given to the continent of Odessa that was formerly controlled by the Concord, a fascist empire that united the people of Odessa against the monsters that plagued their world. After its mysterious downfall, reality seemed to shift in the provinces of the Concord, leading to even more horrific monstrosities than ever existed before.

The Setting

The Continent of Odessa, map by Ralaris Maps

For this series, we wanted a fully fleshed out secondary world like you would expect in an epic fantasy series, but for horror!

Each country/province has its own history, unique monsters, and level of involvement with the war against the Concord. Think of Odessa as a fictional Europe/Asia before and during WWII from a technological and political standpoint. Some of the countries were democratic republics, some monarchies; but none were safe from the rise of fascism in the country of Thuvograd which lead to the Concord.

The continent of Odessa had long been plagued by monsters of all varieties, from vampires, werewolves and witches, to krakens in the sea. It was using this fear that the Concord was able to rally people to its cause, channeling their fear against the two inhuman races of Odessa, the Shyxx, and the Ghobatons (Scabs).

After years of war, the Concord had conquered all nations save one: the Kingdom of Alventi. Then alien monstrosities descended from the skies bringing with them a plague, and within months the Concord collapsed.

The main series of Discordia will take place 35 years after the fall of the Concord as a group of characters try to navigate the horrors of Discordia!

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