Goosebumps Slappyworld: Revenge of the Invisible Boy #9 [Book Review]

Frankie Miller and his friends have a Magic Club. They meet every week to learn new tricks and perform for each other. It’s supposed to be fun, but there’s always one problem: Ari Goodwin. He’s a pest! He ruins their tricks and makes fun of them.

When Frankie’s friend Melody Richmond finds a recipe in an old book to turn a person invisible, they decide to try it out on Ari. But he’s on to them. He’s switched the cups and now Frankie’s the one who’s invisible. There must be an antidote in the book, but Melody can’t find it. It’s missing!

Now Frankie is changing. He’s angry and he wants revenge. Can Melody find the antidote or will Frankie’s greatest trick turn everyone invisible?


Catching a break would be good right? Especially being there but can’t be seen. Sounds like the old classic, “The Invisible Man” but for young readers. If only there was some sort of drink that could make us. Disappear.

Frankie loves magic, in fact that’s why they formed a Magic Club. However one member, Ari believes magic is nothing but hocus pocus, he even let go of the rope to help levitate Frankie. His father got tickets for the magic group, to witness some real magic. Which later Frankie and Melody, greeted the sorcerer afterwards. While planning to get revenge back on Ark, by turning him invisible.

When the plan fails, Frankie becomes invisible. However, ten minutes later which was the time it took for the Sorcerer to reappear. Now Frankie has the upper hand to get revenge on those who has bullied. But it seems Frankie isn’t reappearing anytime soon.

As the finale hits, pay attention closely to what the Sorcerer says. Because sometimes specific things could very well be the antidote. This was another fun story to listen to as a audio book. And hopefully it’ll be a treat for you too.




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