Goosebumps Slappyworld: Diary of a Dummy #10 [Book Review]

Reading someone’s diary is bad but Slappy is already evil, so how could anyone resist finding out all of this dummy’s terrifying secrets?

What do Zoey and Billy Traister do when they find an abandoned ventriloquist dummy in an empty lot? They take him home, of course! As the pair tries to figure out why someone would throw out a perfectly good dummy, they accidentally bring Slappy to life. A night of horror ensues until the siblings put Slappy back into his case. But when they find Slappy’s diary and clues that could lead to gold, they’ll have to find Slappy’s second diary while evading the evil dummy and other terrors.


Children, they tend to be a pain, don’t listen, and miraculously try and do anything to help a parent in need. With a new school, bullies, and a father who now picks up trash is a perfect setup of getting called names.

This tale will act like a double bladed sword, because we have the smelly adventure from both teens trying to act upon a clue they read in Slappys diary. After their father dumped him off after a long night. Which later on lead toward a diary, written by Slappy himself.

Upon reading his mischievous adventures, they stumbled across what seems to be keywords for possible “gold”. However convincing it seemed for another person to help, little did they know that stepping into this haunted house would lead to more evil ish things.

It was quite a interesting story, I know some children do try helping their parents with money issues. Usually its not much, but the fact of trying is what counts. Maybe though it wasn’t such a good idea to follow a Dummys Diary after all.




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