Film Review: Genevieve (2021) Horror Feature Film by NMJ Films!

Without spoilers, we review Genevieve Horror Feature Film by NMJ Films released on YouTube!

Nicholas Michael Jacobs, independent film director of “Night” (2019), “Urban Fears” (2019),  “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2020),  “Genevieve” (2020), “Genevieve Wreaks Havoc” (2020), “Two Twisted Tales” (2021), and “Camo vs. Genevieve” (2021) brings his upcoming horror/comedy/thriller feature film, “Genevieve” (2021), which is a feature film starring the killer doll herself, Genevieve. But this time she will be voiced by none other than Alan Maxson (Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Blade: The Iron Cross, Etc.).

The Official plotline-

“A screenwriter is haunted by the very thing he created in his stories, an evil doll by the name of Genevieve.”

Official HD Trailer-

Spoiler-Free Review:

  Genevieve is a possessed killer doll that is the main focus of the feature film but that’s not only what makes it worth watching. It’s a combination of multiple paranormal stories stitched together in an interesting way that never stops entertaining and scaring you till the end….   

The horror feature film starts with the incident of criminals breaking into Ted Morris’ house to steal the possessed doll to sell as an antique. It turns out to be a mistake. Moving on to the next story is when we see a serial killer Camo face Genevieve and an epic supernatural showdown. If you have been following NMJ Films and our website, you might recognize these stories from NMJ Films’ short films. They are shown here because they are important parts of this main story that features a writer who is facing a writer’s block and seems to struggle while finalizing a plotline for his film or a book. You might also see references to the cancellation of Death Throes, along with some other references. 

   There are stories of Ted Morris coming back from hell to take revenge after he was killed by Genevieve doll. The scary human faced book and the story of sending Genevieve back to hell or the otherworld is fascinating because it helps the audience to know more about the phenomenon of Genevieve spirit. The things start to get really intense when the writer receives a gift at his doorstep in which contains alleged real possessed Genevieve. This inspires him at first but then eventually he is left to fight for his survival as Genevieve starts to make supernatural things happen in his house. The feature film is an exciting ride from the start to finish..   

Nicholas Michael Jacobs has been making plenty of horror shorts and feature films along with fan films. Following his journey since the start, you can feel the experience being reflected in this feature film. The camera angles used, the special effects by Julie Leshane, editing, sound, music, props quality, camera movement, and writing all are of quality suited for a feature film. Acting by Nicholas is natural and you can relate to him. Alan Maxson as the voice of Genevieve shines. Puppeteering efforts & cinematography by Alexis Beacher and Nicholas help to make the doll believable which is awesome because no CGI was used. 

The point of view camera during horror sequences and chase scenes feel well choreographed as you feel like you are seeing the perspective of the protagonist instead of a camera moving around. Almost reminded me of excellent movements and point of view we see in the modern current generation first person horror games. The direction and screenplay syncs the short stories and writer’s main story very well. The lighting effects and the use of visuals is done perfectly as even during dark scenes you only see what’s important yet you completely know what’s happening. It takes a lot of skills to film a professional feature film inside a house without making it look like a vlog. Nicholas Michael Jacobs has done a fantastic job by making you afraid of not just the paranormal creatures but also of the house because the atmosphere of the location is truly haunting. The beautiful music just makes it even more enjoyable to watch! 

  Overall, Genevieve 2021 Feature Film is filled with suspense, horror, thrills and an exploration of writer’s block as well as supernatural phenomenon of dolls, killers, the otherworld and much more!  

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