Book Review: Castle Heights 18 Storeys, 18 Stories Horror Anthology by Red Cape Publishing, Tony Sands & MJ Dixon!

Without spoilers, we review horror anthology book by Red Cape Publishing called ‘Castle Heights: 18 Storeys 18 Stories’ now available through Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback (Free with Kindle unlimited, Free sample available from the Kindle version’s Amazon store page)

Official Synopsis:

Red Cape Publishing, in collaboration with Tony Sands and MJ Dixon, are excited to bring you the horror anthology Castle Heights which was released on June 2nd 2021 on Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback. (Free with Kindle unlimited)

Castle Heights is an ordinary looking London tower block… from the outside. But within the drab walls, things aren’t quite so innocent… or safe. Experience the disturbing events which take place on one fateful night as eighteen writers bring you eighteen stories – one set on each floor. From monsters to killers, the supernatural to the bizarre, these interlinked tales will have you desperate for escape as you make your way up Castle Heights from the ground floor.

Includes stories by David Chaudoir, Anna Dixon, Jason White, Bob Pipe, Teige Reid, Alice Henley, Philip Rogers, MJ Dixon, Annie Knox, Damon Rickard, Jack Joseph, Grant Kempster, Donovan ‘Monster’ Smith, P.J. Blakey-Novis, Tony Sands, Matthew Davies, Freddy Beans, and Richard Rowntree.

Spoiler-Free Review:

  Horror anthologies and compilations require a lot of work to have a lasting impact on a reader which is something Red Cape Publishing’s ‘Castle Heights: 18 Storeys, 18 Stories’ is perfectly capable of. This is an enjoyable horror book with 18 writers bringing their 18 stories which are full of horror, humor, human analysis and interesting characters… 

  The horror book has a unique concept of each chapter telling a story featuring different floors of a building called ‘Castle Heights’. With each story exploring different characters, and different apartments with each having a unique horror story attached to either the building or the characters themselves. Every author has a unique writing style but it all syncs well with other stories as the link of all stories taking place in Castle Heights building is what keeps the things interesting. The horror stories also have different topics, and not just ghosts. To keep this review spoiler free, let’s take the example of the stories you see in the Kindle free sample from the Amazon store….   

 The story ‘A Hole in One’ by David Chaudoir about a semi-retired CID detective who investigates a case of a psychiatrist found dead in a Castle Heights apartment. The entire story plays out in a suspense crime thriller and then takes a turn as things start getting weirder. The writing and the use of words is like a novel with humor often making you chuckle then pulling you back to the horror story.   

 Then there’s a story by Anna Dixon called ‘Apartment 10’ about a lady who takes solace in an apartment in the Castle Heights building after leaving her cheating husband. Things start to happen in an unexpected way and eventually she is trying to survive in the very apartment she thought was safe.      

Modern lifestyle and family dynamics are often portrayed in all stories and they’re especially observable in Jason White‘s story called ‘The Demon of Apartment 13’.      

The rest of the stories are brilliant as well. Bob Pipe, Teige Reid, Alice Henley, Philip Rogers, Annie Knox, Damon Rickard, Jack Joseph, Grant Kempster, Donovan ‘Monster’ Smith, Matthew Davies (With humorously named story ‘Fear Thy Neighbor’), Freddy Beans, and Richard Rowntree – all the authors have created some of the best horror stories readers will ever read. This is like a grand horror orchestra with all horror maestros playing their own master tunes. All the stories are equally important and tell the reader more about the Castle Heights, and often about the complex human life. Especially some stories like Tony Sands‘ story get the filmmaking experience reflected in it as is the case with filmmaker MJ Dixon‘s story ‘The Noises Outside Room 50’ and the cover design featuring hauntingly beautiful building of Castle Heights. 

    Human relationships and psychology has been explored by all writers which makes the readers fascinated with the story and insights. Through the stories some lifestyle elements have been explored too, like working through Zoom calls, career, love, friendships, anger, regret, marriage and much more. The endings of all stories might send a chill down the reader’s spine and may not always be the happy endings but they do seem right when you consider the situations and the history of Castle Heights building. There are some swear words, reference to violence and often mature humor. This and the horror elements make this a fun and suitable read for mature readers. The editing by P.J. Blakey-Novis, Red Cape Publishing is pretty tight and flawless just like the story ‘Something Foul on Floor 13’. The writing style differences throughout the 18 stories but the element of surprise, easy to understand yet exquisite structure of words, and a mild pinch of humor make all the stories compliment each other very well…   

  Overall, ‘Castle Heights: 18 Storeys, 18 Stories’ by Red Cape Publishing is a horror book full of thrills, suspense, drama, intriguing characters and humor. It takes you on an unforgettable tour of every floor of the haunted building that’s definitely something that no horror fan or an avid reader should miss.      

Now available through Amazon as a Kindle ebook or paper, check out the FREE sample stories and purchase your copy today! (Free with Kindle unlimited)

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