Goosebumps Slappyworld: My Friend Slappy #12 [Book Review]

Barton Suggs may be the class brain at school, but thanks to bullies Travis and Kenny, he’s known as “Sluggs.” And no one but Lizzie Hellman wants to be friends with him. After Barton’s dad brings him Slappy in order to help him become less shy, he brings it to school for a presentation. Chaos erupts as Slappy comes to life and wreaks havoc on Barton’s classmates. But Barton isn’t terrified. He’s thrilled! And Slappy soon becomes his new best friend. But when Slappy gets jealous of Lizzie, his evil plans go too far. Barton and Lizzie will have to destroy Slappy before he destroys the whole school!


School, there’s recess some fun with friends during lunch. Homework to help with grades to move forward, in this case it’s a nice story of why you should never trust or help bullies. In the end of it all, it’s best to just really… admit the problem, right? I guess it all depends on who’s running them, even like working there are always favorites that could or would NEVER get in trouble….

Barton is always getting picked on, and sometimes when it’s a big deal. Travis and Kenny make life for Barton almost like it could be his last breath. Sending a vicious dog after him and possibly tripping him into a Chocolate machine and almost literally drowning in Chocolate.

When Slappy comes into play, let’s say Slappy was in a “Jaw dropping” mood as well. Barton was doing his best to show and convince Slappy that he wasn’t afraid of him, while telling him that they’re friends. That is how Barton tries to get back to the bullies, with Slappy’s help. And let’s say Travis and Kenny, aren’t ready. However Barton’s other friend Lizzie, might want to watch out as Slappy wants to be Barton’s ONLY friend.

I’m always a fan when R.L. Stine brings Slappy into a tale where bullies, get bullied back. Why? Well from personal experiences it’s just nice to hear stories like these. I mean who wouldn’t want a shot at bullies like this or even any tale involving the bullies getting bullied? Sometimes a little taste of their own medicine is all they need to straighten themselves around, but when you add supernatural elements to the plot. It makes it just as entertaining.




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