Comic Review: Voodoo Chille # 1 “Enjoyable Military Action with Voodoo Magic Horror!” (FREE Preview Available!)

Without spoilers, we review a unique, scary and fun military-voodoo themed horror comic called ‘Voodoo Chille’ Issue #1. Read on to know why it’s an action packed magical horror story worth your attention! Free Preview link given below the review!





The voodoo deity of death Baron Samedi wants to shirk his responsibilities and ascend to paradise. Soldier Max Boukman unknowingly gets bestowed the power of death by the Baron and wrapped up in his machinations.

When Max’s only friend London dies in conflict, Max discovers he has powers & brings London back to life.

Now London is a wandering spirit who is able to possess the bodies of the recently dead.

■Can MAX & LONDON WORK together and escape to safety?

■Can Max go against his destiny as the new embodiment of death?

Find out in the pages of Voodoo Chile…..

Spoiler-free Review:

  Horror comic with military themes are quite rare and this comic is among the best horror comics with military and voodoo theme. 

 The horror comic starts off in Vietnam as a soldier is taking photos of a group of soldiers playing cards. When things seem fun and calm, they are ambushed with bullets and that’s when our protagonist gets a near death experience which sends him to a cool guy in fancy clothes and jewelry as seen on the cover art of this comic…   

Whether real or not, our protagonist has a conversation with that magical guy who talks about digging graves. Then returning back to the reality, our protagonist is in a tent from his military squad base. His team member is surprised to see him alive with just a scratch but then things start going even weirder as our protagonist and his friend discover an unethical work being done by their military squad. Besides uncovering this racket, our protagonist and his friend now also try to survive while dealing with voodoo magic effects affecting both of them in a very different and outrageous ways.  

  There is adventure, action, horror, comedy, gore, violence and magic/voodoo reference. To keep the review spoiler free, we didn’t go much into details but the comic book refers to a lot of interesting theories about magic and also creation of the world. Everything makes sense and is expressed in the best possible way in this limited paged comic book. The comic has a lot of entertainment value and ends on a high note. It makes you eager for the next issue! 

  The horror comic is well made. Writing, dialogues and editing all are done perfectly to deliver a great storytelling experience. The art style is great with a balance of seriousness and humor. There are no suggestive themes, no nudity but some strong language, gore and violence. Thus, it feels like a great read for mature readers.

     In conclusion, Voodoo Chille #1 is an enjoyable horror comic with a unique combination of military and voodoo which provides a storytelling experience that will blow any horror fan’s mind!   

Highly recommended to have this unique comic in your collection! 

Get Your Digital Copy of Issue #1 Today!! [Click here] (FREE Preview Available on that Page!)

Kickstarter till Aug 31st 2021

Check out our Interview for more information:-

Interview: Casey Allen | Voodoo Chille (Interviewed By Paul Dulski)

Voodoo Chille Twitter

Kickstarter Legacy Page (Fully Funded in 12 hrs) – Free Digital Preview available!

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